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Day 4: Maternity Clothes

Posted Jan 27 2011 10:34pm
Today, I had to go to school to judge science fair.  As I was leaving, my students were heading to lunch, and you would have thought I was a celebrity as excited as they were to see me.  (And I've only been gone four are they going to feel after 14 weeks?) 

Since we already had to drive to Chandler for that, we did some running around for maternity clothes.  I was hoping to find something to wear for maternity photos.  I've pretty much exhausted my normal maternity stores, so I wanted to try a few new locations.

There are only two possible explanations for the horrible selection of maternity clothes out there.
  1. Designers, or whoever designs maternity clothes, believe that once you become pregnant, you forget what's fashionable, or just don't care what you look like.
  2. No one ever buys maternity clothes, so the clothes that were designed 20 years ago are still on the sales floors!!!!

Long story short, no success in the maternity clothes department.  But I did find some shoes to wear, after going to five different stores to look for shoes.

Report Card
  • Exhaustion level- medium
  • Rest level- low/medium
  • Accomplishment level- medium
  • Baby- good
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