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Day 30 - Abundance/Money

Posted Aug 04 2008 7:14pm

“Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s

spread around encouraging young things to grow.”

-Thornton Wilder

Today’s joy focus isAbundance and Money!

I love to see abundance in nature - it reinforces to me that there is no limit on what is or can be! Think of all the grains of sand on our earth… or blades of grass… or stars in the sky… It is truly awe inspiring to see that there is always more!

So many times I have seen those who get caught up in the idea of accumulating wealth, that they don’t enjoy it. What is it worth without the joy? When you have itenjoy it!

Today I intend to appreciate the abundance in my experience AND the money in my experience! Finding a penny on the ground is reinforcing the idea of abundance. I always pick them up and appreciate them - it helps allow in even more!!

Oo… and I love getting checks in the mail! Lately, we keep getting more and more of them. Surprise refunds, rebates or reimbursement - it is all good. And, the more I appreciate easy abundance, the more it shows up in my experience.

As a child, I was an excellent manifestor of whatever I desired. I would win raffles and games. It was so much fun! When my mom and I would go to a wedding or baby Shower, we could win game after game. I still like to experience these WINS from time to time.

I love to think about all the amazing things that people win or have given to them… I so love the new Million Dollar Price is Right that they occassionally do! It is fabulous to see these people win and win and win!! Woo-hoo! I’d like some of that too!

I truly believe there is no need to focus on where and how it is going to come to you. Focus on the joy - the fun of living your desires, and you can have it all with ease.

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