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Dancing Upon Barren Land - Hope for Infertility

Posted Jul 16 2009 11:04pm

  The road to motherhood is not always an easy one.
For some women, the journey is fraught with frustration, disappointment, and pain as they face obstacles to conceiving and bearing children.

Lesli Westfall O ur spotlight this week features Lesli Westfall, a woman familiar with that journey, who began a Christian online support ministry for fertility-challenged women--providing inspiration and support. We talk to her today about her ministry Dancing Upon Barren Land - Spiritual Nourishment for the Infertility Road.

Joan:Thank you Leslie, for sharing with us! First, I would like to say your website is so beautiful and encouraging! Tell us what the purpose of your ministry is.

Lesli: Thank you! The purpose  is to provide an online Christian ministry for those who are fertility-challenged; women or couples. Not only is it for those who are experiencing difficulty, but for their loved ones and/or ministry leaders as well, providing education and tools to support those desiring to grow their family.

Joan:So the information you provide also encompasses a woman' s circle of family and friends. Wonderful.What do you offer  those who come to you?

Lesli: There are different pages among the site that one can explore.  Infertility Etiquette gives family, friends, ministry leaders and even husbands ways on how to respond to one going through infertility, fertility treatments or loss.  The Prayer Page takes into account every emotion and challenge along the way and offers a prayer supported by scripture to pray for yourself or a loved one.  The Resource Page  includes a listing of books and support organizations along with direction on how to find a support group in the U.S.A, United Kingdom and Asia. Coming soon there will be a Devotional Page to bring hope and encouragement.

JoanAwesome! Where did you get the vision to do this and what made you start it?

Lesli:   I must say that the vision for this website came from two sources. First of all, the Word of God.   The scripture noted on the Home Page of the site, Isaiah 32:15, gave me the picture of what it is like going through the difficult challenge of infertility and how applying what God says in His Word by believing helps to transform one from barrenness into fruitfulness.   Two, the contents of the website, in a nutshell, comes from my own experience with infertility, as well as listening to countless other women share their fertility challenges.

How it all started: After several yeas of leading the support group, HOPE at Lakewood Church in Houston, I found there was a need to reach out to those beyond our church walls.   I would receive emails from other states and even internationally from women wanting prayer, information and scripture relating to their situation.   So the idea of a website had been mulling around in my head for quite some time.

  Being a creative person, I always seem to have these lofty ideas running around in my head.   Some are God-inspired, some are just ‘me’. What finally brought it to the forefront was devastation.   Late last year I was told by my fertility specialist,   “there is nothing more that I can do for you.”   Receiving such news brought about a death of a dream.   But as I laid my burden upon His Word, God had a way of taking my disappointment and turning it into an appointment with Him as He has done so many times before on this barren road.   It was the opportunity for Him to heal my heart and wounded emotions.   I was knocked down for a bit, but I came up with a determination, a fight and a focused prayer, “Watch out devil, I have a huge bag of seed to sow to women!”  

That same day I prayed, “Father, if it is Your will for me to begin this website, then give me confirmation, some kind of sign.”   That very evening we were having dinner with some dear friends who own a successful business. They inquired about the HOPE support group that I was leading at Lakewood.   I told them how it was going, then I added “But, I have this desire to start a website to reach out to others.”   Immediately my morning prayer had been answered.   They said, “If you want to do this we will connect you to our web designer and fund this project.”   Tears began streaming down my face.   God heard, God answered and God brought forth ‘my first baby’ June 10 th of this year, the website, named Dancing Upon Barren Land!   He not only answers prayer and provides, He gave me the very best, the husband and wife team of who captured my vision and executed it beautifully!

Joan:The website is indeed beautiful! Where did you get the name for your ministry?

 Lesli: The name of the site comes from the lyrics of the song, “Rain Down”.   It is sung by the popular Christian Band, Delirious?, however, my favorite version is from the artist, Rita Springer.  Lesli

Back to the start, my heart is heavy
Feel like it’s time to dream again
I see the clouds, and yes I’m ready
To dance upon barren land
Hope in my hands

I never seem to tire of this song.   The words of the song resonate to those who have traveled a dusty, hard barren road.   Imploring God to pour down heavens’ rain on a dry heart.

Joan: I' m not familiar with that song, but I' m going to check it out. I like what it' s saying. How can someone contact you?

Lesli They can contact me through the website: Dancing Upon Barren Land

Or write me:  
Dancing Upon Barren Land Minsitry
P.O. Box 1054,    Pearland, Texas   77588

Or through Lakewood Church Womens' Ministry


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