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Create health by talking with your body

Posted Sep 14 2009 10:11pm

Our bodies are always talking to us, hoping that we are listening deeply and honoring what they need. The language is usually in the form of physical sensation. When you start actively engaging in conversation with your body, a distinct voice may emerge just like your intuition.

Talking with your body may sound like a silly idea, but it' s actually a form of preventative medicine. You can use the conversations to set the stage for health. Part of that is learning the right questions to ask.

Often, we either complain or ignore our bodies until a physical pain (generally) is too much. There are those who even think their body is against them, as if they were somehow a victim to what is happening. We always have the power to create health for ourselves and talking to our bodies is a step in that process.

Conversation starters for talking with your body:

✿ What foods would nourish you right now?

✿ What would you like to do for fun (relaxation, pleasure, challenge, activity) today?

✿ What relationships feel supportive, and which don' t?

✿ What would you like to tell me?

✿ Here' s what I appreciate about you: (being able to breathe, walk, talk, see, smell, a healthy digestion, a strong immune system, etc). 

Ask yourself one of these questions. What response do you get?

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