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Considering a Freelance Writing Career

Posted Sep 15 2009 3:19am
There are 5 steps involved in beginning a freelance writing career online. They are:

1. Plan the site - Starting a Business website..

2. Decide on the type of hosting and domain names- See Business Website Hosting

3. Design and build the Site- See Website Design

4. Promote the Site- See Website Promotion

5. Maintain the Site

There is something, commonly called, 'The Principal of Three'. I believe that there has even been a popular book written about it. Do you know what that principal is?

Basically, the brain is unable to efficiently process more than three details at a time. But it is more than that. If you take a close look at nature and life, you will see that there are three stages to just about anything, even the calendar.

Ah, you think I messed up on that last sentence don’t you.

1. There is a time for birth or rebirth, depending on how you look at it.

2. There is a time for propagation.

3. Then there is the time for rest and death.

See, three. No, I was not talking about seasons.

In the lives of most homosapiens, and the animal kingdom as well, there are also three stages. Each of these stages consists of three separate growth patterns.

1. Growth

A. Creation, which ends in birth.

B. Learning, actually starts before birth and tends to end at about 13 years of age.

C. Puberty, the stage where we physically reach our growth limits and mentally, under most circumstances, become a God unto ourselves.

2. Propagation

A. Dating and mating. This needs no explanation.

B. Having children.

C. Nurturing and preparing the children for lives independent from us.

3. Retirement

A. Final preparations, we use this time to settle any business left unattended to while there was the expense of the children to take priority.

B. Leisure time. Hopefully, we have been successful in the previous stages and can actually take advantage of this time to be leisurely.

C. Dying. We have actually been dying since conception. This is the final goal for our earthly lives.

Our world even comes in sets of threes. Air, Land, Water. Or, our country, earth, space.

Building a freelance writing career will also incorporate the theory of three. They are;

1. Planning 2. Implementation 3. Execution.

Each of these items can itself be broken down into stages of three. It is important to take each stage and step in order and devote ourselves to concentrating on each aspect as it comes. That is not to say that you will forget what you have learned after completing each step, rather that you will not jump back an forth because of this thing you forgot or that thing that you did not know to look for. I have a solution for that mistake. When you begin each step, prepare two documents. A spreadsheet in which to add the details of what you learn at each step. A notepad document to take notes regarding those forgotten or unknown items. After taking all of the three steps in each phase, we can go back, using our notes to investigate those issues.

We are trying to stay focused but at the same time, you will not want to waste time on something that you happened upon in step 2 only to learn in step three that it will not fit your purposes.

First we must define the three phases to this stage and then define the three steps to each of the phases.


1. Research

A. Google - create an account with Google now.
B. Competition
C. Organize

2. Building Blocks

A. Write
B. Become
C. Create

3. Implementation

A. Assembly
B. Publish
C. Promote

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