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Cleanse Part One: Perfect Cleanse

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:19pm

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Cleansing. We are taking a good in depth look at the word Cleanse this month at Take Root and Write. We are going to start off with, 'The Perfect Cleanse'. Focusing on cleansing the body. 

"Perfect Cleanse", is a trio of products by Garden of Life. The founder of Garden of Life is Jordan Rubin. When I came across his first book, Patient, Heal Thyself,  back in 2002, it truly changed my life. I have been on a Wellness journey now for over 10 years. When traditional doctors had no solutions but to treat symptoms with prescription drugs, I turned to natural treatments, prevention. 

I consider myself pretty eclectic in my choices of 'natural' approaches/ treatments. 
I use Homeopathic medicine, Essential oils, Bio-Feedback, Bioidentical, Holistic, along with the best Whole Supplements I have found through research. My hubby and I are GeneWize Affiliates
Genewize supplements are compounded specifically for you based on a quick 5 minute DNA swab test. It's really very fascinating and for another post! You can email me for more info until then! 

Jordan Rubin's supplements are the only others I use. I have read every book he has written and have used his products since he started back in 2002. One of our writer's here at Take Root and Write, Duong Sheahan has put together a post on her blog to encourage the 10 Day Perfect Cleanse. I will be joining her in the cleanse along with my daughter and hopefully, my hubby too! 
I am going to lead you straight over to Duong's post for you to read more about it! I hope you will consider joining us! She has put together some free Give Aways to go along with it! 
Duong's post is over at Healthy Beauty Secrets, By Duong
The direct link to the Detox: Ten Day Perfect Cleanse is Here.

This is a very simple way to do an awesome, effective cleanse! Make sure to click and read up on it! You need to order now though, as we start the cleanse, Monday, January 12th! If you get started late, it's ok! Jump in!

Duong lists some places to buy, and they sell out QUICK! But my fav place online is Apple a Day and Beyond. They JUST received a shipment today too, so hurry up! It's also free shipping and they ship quick! It's about $20 for all. Don't forget to add the discount code, apple1 ! You will get it even cheaper! 
Direct Link to cleanse and lots of info on it at Apple a Day and Beyond is HERE. 

We will also talk about it during our Christian Women Tweet Up on January 8th. That takes place on twitter! See Christian Women Tweet Up Basic Info Page.

We will be discussing "Cleanse" all month. Body, Mind, Spirit.
What a way to begin the New Year! 
My Sig Journey
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