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Cleaning Clutter with EFT: Self Help Blog Clutter Tips Of a Different Kind

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:24pm

Cleaning Clutter with EFT?  Heck, why not!  If you ask me, it’s been long overdue. And my self help blog is the perfect place to write about it.

Sure, I could have just done it myself since I’ve been working with EFT for stress relief for ages.  And trust me, I’ve tried, but what I really needed was a program that had all the bases covered — all those pesky underlying issues from frustration, overwhelm, embarrassment, and on and on.  And now it’s here!

Carol Look, one of the biggest prosperity and EFT gurus,  has finally created the ultimate program for Cleaning Clutter with EFT.  Whether it’s office clutter, paper clutter, home clutter, closet clutter.  She’s got it covered.  And especially the emotional complications that underlie it all.

I’m not even all the way through yet (that thing is 6 CD length audios long — and comes with a transcript) and already I’m chomping at the bits to get going.  Get my hands on that stuff and throw things out.  Quite a change.

I’m filling one waste basket after the other, empty them into big black trash bags, take those out, and repeat…  I’ve got a long way to go — years and years of accumulation from my life in academia especially, aided by endless reams of computer printouts.

And, of course, there are still all these books — I’ll keep a lot of those, but not nearly all of them. And I’ve got my special way of dealing with those — and have even written a book about it (really!).

Actually, if you’ve been following this blog, you already know about it: Marketplace Strategies which you can find at   where I share all the secret strategies and short-cuts I’ve figured out over the years.

It’s on sale too at the moment, which you’ll discover when you click on the link.  I keep wanting to change it, but heck, why not let it stay that way for a few more days ;-)

Still, I could do a heck of a lot better with releasing more of those books from my life, and I’m going to restart my efforts, which have been rather lacking recently, and with the aid of Carol’s decluttering book, I’m sure I’ll be much more effective.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you love has a clutter issue, run, don’t walk, to and go to the middle of the page (there’s a list) and click on “clutter” (second item in the list).  I am sure you’ll like it as much as I do.

It’s truly an amazing program.  It costs less than half a month of the storage fees that I pay for my excess clutter.  Imagine, if I can clear that place out within a month or two, I’ll get twice my investment back every single month after that (and even a bit more, actually)! I can hardly wait.

I would write more on it, but right now I’ve got work to do.  And plenty of tapping too…and a few waste baskets to fill ;-)

And if you’d like to join me, here’s that link again:

Oh, and you do know about the prosperity/clutter connection, right?  I first became aware of that through Feng Shui.  And it’s not just the vibrations, but also really practical stuff that holds the money at bay. For example, it makes work less efficient when I have to play paper chase.  Not to mention some of the extra expense.

Anyway, that’s all on that topic for now…  A long time ago, I actually planned to do a before and after series on this on another blog on my quest for clutter control, but until I found this program, I wasn’t successful enough to come up with decent after pictures, not for any length of time anyway.  But now…

Here’s to a whole new approach to cleaning clutter!

Have a fabulous week,


P.S.: Just got my ezine article on the subject published too.  Please check it out and send your friends too ;-)

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