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Posted Nov 18 2012 4:35pm


Opening Scene;

We see the Outside of the United Nations Building next we see a man dressed in a suite carrying a brief case walking into the building he approaches the Desk of the Chairman of the United Nations, pulls out a very large manila envelope and hands it to the Chairman. The Chairman opens the envelope, reads the paper work and scratches his head, looks up at the Special Carrier with a bewildered look on his face and says; Wow this is an Extremely Unusual Request and it comes from very unusual sources this is a First for me.


What do you mean unusual request, who sent the letter ?


Did you notice the Post Marks on this letter ?


Yes I did, and it also has so many different kinds of stamps on it from around the World.
I have never seen so many Stamps on one envelope in my life, so who is it from and what are they want ?


It appears that they are following up on an idea that originated from a Film Script Writer in America who came up with an Idea of writing a short Film Script he Calls  "Children Seeking World Peace"  The writer posted it on line and some of the Country Leaders around the World liked the idea so that they implemented it.


Implement what ?


Every Country in the World picked two Young Students from one of their schools a boy and a girl to represent their Country and are asking for a "SPECIAL UNITED NATION'S MEETING" that will be attended by all of the Leaders in the World but this is the Catch.

The adults are not to speak at this meeting, only the Children will be allowed to speak at this Special meeting called "CHILDREN SEEKING WORLD PEACE"


Wow, I see what you mean when you said an unusual request and that is comes from an unusual source you were right about that.


There's more this request gets even more stranger they are requesting that we install a large garden area next to the United Nation Building before this meeting takes place that we don't plant anything in the garden area just leave it bare dirt, there are to be small signs placed every two feet next to the rows in this garden area with the names of each Country in the World next to each one of these signs there will also be a watering can containing water.


Do you think that the Board will consider this bizarr & unusual request ?


Yes I do after all these are the Children of the World, the next Generation seeking the opportunity for them to be part of the Peace Process from their Generation and we should give them the opportunity to do so. 

Scene Two;

We see the inside of the United Nations building where many young children are standing paired off one boy and one girl facing all of the Adult Leaders from around the World these Children are from all walks of life all different nationalities and all dressed differently. 

Every Girl is holding a small pot containing a different flower in it in one hand and a small shovel in their other hand.

Each Boy is holding a small pot containing a different kind of plant in one hand and a small shovel in his other hand. 

(all of these flowers and plants are beautiful and very colorful)

Every Boy & Girl from their Country are wearing Name tags with their Countries names on the tags. The Children are just standing there in silence.

The inside of this building is silent at first then we hear whispers coming from the Adult Leaders, what is this all about, what do they want, this is strange.

Next we see a girl step forward from the row of children following behind her is another girl and a boy they are all three standing there for a minute and the room gets silent.

Then the boy speaks, 

I have been chosen to speak on behalf of all of the Children in this room. We are standing here before all of you representing the Worlds Next Generation, Your Worlds Next Generation. We only have a few words to say to all of you here today. 

All of us had several things that we wanted to say to all of you today but we all decided that words are not enough without all of Our WORLD LEADERS making a Solid Commitment to end all Wars in Our World Today ! ! ! 

So, we only have three words to say to all of you here today...  " PLEASE JUST STOP" 

(one of the girls standing next to this young boy translates this message in all languages)

The three young children stand there for a minute in silence then one of the two girls step forward she says, we only have one more request to ask from all of you in this building today, please follow us to the garden area located just outside this building. 

(the other girl translates this request in all languages) 

The other children in the building follow the three children exiting the building followed by the Adults.

Third Scene;

We see all of the children lined up still holding their flowers and plants in one hand and their shovels in their other hand they are paired off one boy and one girl standing along side of the garden rows facing their Countries signs that are placed in two foot sections of their Special Garden.

(we see all of the Adult Leaders standing around this garden in groups whispering to each other we can't make out what they are saying to each other but they have a confused look on their faces)

Next the same Girl that spoke earlier in the building is holding a flower in one hand and a small shovel in her other hand says, I would like all of the Adult Leaders from their Countries to stand in front of their Countries signs facing each of us. (translated by the girl standing next to this girl)

The Adult Leaders line up in front of their Countries garden signs facing these children then every child bends down at the same time and digs a small hole in the ground in their two foot section of this Special Garden. (each two foot garden section now has two small holes dug in them and everyone is silent)

Next we see the same girl that spoke earlier stand up after digging her hole in the garden she hands her Adult Counter Part Leader her Potted Flower  and says, each one of these Flowers that all of us has brought here today Represent WORLD PEACE for Our Future. 

she continues.. 

All of the Children Around the World requested this SPECIAL UNITED NATIONS MEETING to beg all of the Leaders of Our world to help us Plant our Flowers here today to end all Wars in our World Immediately and all of the Plants that the Boys brought here today represent Commitment To Do So. 
(translated again by the girl standing next to her)

Next we see the Boy that spoke earlier at the meeting hand his Adult Counter Part his potted plant then the Girl that is speaking looks over at all of the other Children that are still standing next to their garden and she nodes her head.

Then,  All of the Children say the words together,  in their own languages in a loud & begging tone. "PLEASE JUST STOP"

Next, We see all of the Children reach in their pockets, pull out a small bag and pour out a few of seeds into each of their Adult Counter Parts hands.

The Girl speaker then says, 

we are giving all of you our seeds to take home with you so you can plant them in your gardens as a reminder of your Commitment all of you made here today to; END ALL WARS In Our World IMMEDIATELY..THESE SEEDS ALSO REPRESENT FORGIVENESS for without forgiveness there can be no PEACE, so please pass these seeds on to your transgressor so the Peace Process can begin. (translated by the girl standing next to her)

Last Scene 

We see all of the Adult Leaders bent down next to the Children planting the Children's Flowers & Plants together in their"Special World Peace Garden"  Located in Front Of the "UNITED NATIONS BUILDING"

Fade Out..


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