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Chicago, kvark, appreciating my legs

Posted May 22 2012 12:27pm
Hello world.  It is Tuesday.  And that is a grand thing.  Want to know what is not grand?  Shopping.  Want to know why?  Because everything is too expensive and nothing fits.  Yesterday I went shopping for about the third time in 5 years.  I don’t mind shopping as a social event or shopping for other people (buying gifts is fun!) but I HATE trying to find clothes for myself.  The mission was to find a dress for graduation.  Malls scare the crap out of me.  I hate them.  A lot.  They really depress me.  I really LOVE fashion and I can’t afford to keep up with any of the trends.  But a new dress was sort of necessary since my grandma ordered me to buy one (I do what my grandma tells me to) and I probably shouldn’t wear the same dress I wore at my undergrad graduation in 2008 although that is the newest dress (item of clothing?) I own.  So I went.  Please someone answer this question for me.  And it might not be sensitive but why is it that I can find xxxL but NOTHING that fits a normal weight 5’1 women.  The only place I can find cloths that don’t make me look shapeless and like I’m drowning are at Ann Taylor in the petite section.  Sadly, those cloths are pretty boring.  I get SO frustrated that clothing isn’t made for people of normal weights anymore.  Why can’t I look cute? Okay.  Rant over.
So what is making me happy??
#1.  Chicago.  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am moving to CHICAGO!!! And I feel SO good about this decision.  Like a feeling of relief, optimism, excitement, and optimism.  I am taking an internship for the summer doing something I REALLY WANT TO DO.  Yes, this means no salary, no health insurance, and constant financial anxiety.  But I went with my gut.  My parents are so supportive of me.  Three of my best friends live there.  We have grown apart over the years but I am so excited to see them again.  One I’ve known one since I was three, one was my best friend from undergrad, and one was my neighbor and best friend from high school.  This feels good.  I’ll be closer to home.  I GET SUMMERS BACK.  I GET SNOW!!! I GET SEASONS!!! Phew.  Happy.   
#2.  Kvark.  So another farmers’ market find over the weekend was kvark.  What is kvark?  It is the Swedish name for Quark .  Kvark is a type of spreadable cheese popular in Europe.  It is sort of a mix between greek yogurt and ricotta cheese.  Well anyway, when I was studying abroad in Sweden I LOVED the stuff.  I mixed it with fruit, spread it on toast, mixed it into curries, rice and beans… the options are endless.  In Europe it is commonly baked with as well.  But I was strolling around the farmers’ market and the cheese caught my eye so I went to investigate.  The vender explained to me it is popular in Europe and the light bulb went off and I asked if it was kvark and she said YES!!! Okay.  Exciting.  Mine Kvark is from Appel Farms and available at the University District Farmers’ Market in Seattle and probably other farmers’ market in the area.  If you see it around buy it and play with it.  It’s fun.
#3. Appreciating my legs.  Or trying to.  They don’t feel good.  Am I injured?  I’m not sure.  Let me update you.  The knot in my butt that developed two weeks ago is about gone.  The hip pain isn’t acute.  I have some knots throughout my legs and work on them.  But oh my god my legs just ACHE.  Last week my workouts looked like this (all my runs have been untimed because it is important when I run I run by feel)
Sunday – no long run but supplemented with an hour of elliptical and lots of walking, stretching and such
Monday – 60 mins easy elliptical, arm strength
Tuesday – 60 mins easy elliptical, stretching
Wednesday – 7 mile group run and felt okay during (as in no pain) but really stiff the rest of the day, abs
Thursday – 60 mins elliptical, arm strength 
Friday – 7 mile solo run really, really slow (again felt okay during the run but stiff after), abs
Saturday – 60 minute spinning class and lots of walking
Sunday – 7 mile run, again slooooow
Monday – 60 min elliptical with speed intervals, arm strength, so easy leg strength 
Tuesday – 60 min elliptical easy, abs 
I am foam rolling a crap ton and doing yoga from  It is really frustrating.  But wanna know what?  I don’t think I’m injured.  And that is good.  I think I am generally a very stressed person (moving, finances, my entire family coming out in a couple of weeks, jobs, finding a sublease for my current apt, not being able to run weeks before I start training for a marathon) and the stress isn’t allowing my legs to recover.  The problem is that I am very type A and very easily stressed.  I’m working on it.  
Your turn.  Have you ever hear of Quark??  Anyone live in Chicago?  Want to hang out with me?  Okay, GREAT.  Let’s hang out.  HOW CAN I GET MY LEGS TO STOP ACHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD??
That is all.

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