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Charlie Brown Syndrome: Charlie Brown and the Law of Attraction

Posted Jul 16 2011 4:37pm
I was watching a Peanuts special on TV earlier this week called "Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown!" In this episode, Charlie Brown was the manager of a baseball team. And some of the things he said to himself were quite unkind, self defeating talk. Things like:

"I'm a lousy manager.""Everyone hates me.""Why am I even doing this? Everyone is just expecting me to fail."
Even though it's just a fictional comic strip, I couldn't help but think that Charlie Brown repeatedly attracted misfortune and disrespect thanks to the negative loop playing in his head! I used to be guilty myself of what I'm now calling "Charlie Brown Syndrome" especially when it came to attracting men. I used to say crappy things all of the time such as this:
"I only attract nerds and losers.""I only attract ugly guys.""There are no good single guys left; only jerks and losers." "No one wants me. Whatever I have, guys don't want it."
You can probably guess what my love life was like before I learned The Secret: it was crappy! I used to say, think, and believe these things to myself and guess what - that is exactly what I attracted. I'll never forget the really unattractive and socially awkward man at a previous company I worked at who left a rose anonymously on my desk one morning along with a two page, typed letter spilling out all of his problems to me and reasons why I should date him. He later was fired for violating the company's sexual harassment code a second time after I complained. Looking back, I can't help but think that I brought some of that onto myself through negative thinking. Knowing what I know now, my love mantra now sounds like this:
"I only attract good guys that I find attractive.""I am loveable and worthy of being loved by a great guy.""There are lots of good, normal, and single guys out there.""I am attractive and sexy to men and I get noticed by the right guys.""My soulmate is on his way to me and I give thanks to the universe for him."
It hasn't been perfect, but the guys that I've attracted, for the most part, are an improvement compared to my 20s and early-to-mid 30s. Some of them are still a bit inappropriate (age differences, already have a girlfriend, etc.) but at least I found them attractive and easy to talk to compared to what used to latch onto me. Even the ones that turn their heads at me while I'm driving or walking down the street are cute. So it's a step in the right direction - thank goodness for positive thinking!
Back to Charlie Brown, unfortunately we'll never see poor Chuck be able to turn his self-talk around. But we can learn from it, and avoid Charlie Brown Syndrome.
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