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Change your diet, change your life!

Posted Jun 17 2009 6:32pm

I had a completely different agenda for today' s post. Then I turned on the TV.

While visiting my mom, she put on Oprah. Now, I don' t own a TV, but I dig Oprah. She' s an amazing woman who has done so much for so many. Definitely an inspiration who clearly shows that one person can make a huge difference. The show was great, especially since it was focusing on Dr.Oz' s Ultimate Health Checklist. That' s not what I want to write about though.

It was the commercials. One in particular.

Sad music piped in over images of depressed people of different ages & cultures. A woman with a soothing voice talked calmly about the symptoms of depression from listlessness (Depressed people don' t have To Do lists?! I kid. C' mon, I couldn' t resist, made you smile), overly tired, not wanting to engage, not feeling connected. Then the music shifts into a more uplifting melody, accompanied by images of these same people slowly starting to smile, talk with others, and yes, shop (because that' s what you want to do after being cooped up in your mind, right consumers?!). The same soothing voice talked about the latest prescription drug that may help your depression while also potentially may make you want to kill yourself, get ulcers, heart palpitations, and lord only knows, it probably gives you STDs too.

There was so much wrong with this commercial I don' t even know what to pick apart first. While I could easily do that, I' d rather have my overall focus be change than complain.

My calling is coaching and education. My intention with all that I do is to help you be clear, so you can make the most supportive health choice for you in any area of your life. Being alive is a blessing and a responsibility. We are gifted with this body that cares and supports us in every moment. I feel, very strongly, that we owe ourselves the utmost respect and love.

Those of us in the health field, especially holistic or alternative based, generally have some awareness about the preciousness and strength of our bodies. We also know that there are other more helpful, less side effect ridden ways to restore health. Some people, though, will take these commercials and prescription drugs at face value, floating away with the calm voice and lovely images without listening to the words. Or, say you do listen, and you really hear the potential side effects but you just don' t care because all you want is to feel better.

I' ll tell you what, I' ve been there. It was so incredibly scary and uncomfortable being in that state. I didn' t even feel human. Awful. Purely awful. Luckily, because of my educational background, I suspected it was related to my diet. Eat the foods I' m allergic to? Crazy. Seriously. Don' t eat the foods I' m allergic to? Fine. Clear. Strong. Stable. Fun. Me.

I' m sharing this with you because I know there are many people out there that have no idea that the symptoms they' re experiencing could be related to the food they' re eating. Many, if not all, of the mental and emotional symptoms associated with depression will disappear with proper nutrition.

Even if you think you eat fairly healthy, there are some foods that are known aggravators. These include:

GMO based foods like corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and soy. If you choose to eat these, go for organic and local.

Dairy, especially processed and pasteurized. Instead try raw milk or yogurt with beneficial bacteria/probiotics to help restore gut flora (yes, you want a garden in your belly). Check out sheep or goat dairy as it tends to be easier for most of us to digest.

Grains. Most relate this to gluten rich grains aka Celiac disease. Gluten is the protein found in some grains that people have an allergic reaction to based on their inability to process the gluten. I no longer eat any grains, which I initially wrote about here. I am continually floored by the negative impact grains have had on my well being.

And just for good mention, high fructose corn syrup is evil. Talk about messing with your body chemistry and blood sugar. Read the ingredients!

What can you eat? So much. If it grows on a bush, tree, vine, in the ground and it' s local and organic - you are pretty much good to go. Unless of course, your body has a sensitivity to a certain food. 

Simple changes make a tremendous difference. Take a look at your life, the repetitive feelings and thoughts that show up, is there room for some adjustment? When I used to work with clients purely for coaching without the health focus, I found that people were so hard on themselves for their negative thoughts/feelings/behavior. They' d take it personally, as if something was inherently wrong with them for not being able to change. It' s that broken record groove you get stuck in. Then I started to look at what they were eating. We changed the diet, the negative groove naturally got replaced by a positive one. 

Clearly, a longer post than what I usually go for. I couldn' t resist. I feel so passionate about this. And I truly wonder how many people out there are either suffering needlessly or feeling stuck on prescription drugs as the only remedy when it' s simply not true. It goes beyond depression. Kids got behavior problems? Change their diet. Frequent gas and indigestion? Change your diet. Mental fog and lethargy? Change your diet. I don' t dispute that some health issues are deep and layered, yet diet changes will always help either as an adjunct or complete cure.

What positive changes have you seen from changing your diet?

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