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can acne and swollen lymph nodes in the neck or throat be linked?

Posted by Glow

90% of the time I have lovely skin. Within 1-2 weeks i have broken out in acne like pimples along my jaw line. Today I have woken up with a very sore lump in my neck.... Situated at the front of the throat, near thryoid? Could this all be linked with the skin breakouts? Whenever I feel a lump of any kind I freak!


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i hv same problem. m having more serious acne problem. one lymph node always swells up (not very large) whenever my acnes increase and subsidise with the acne. it happens as a cylce and is considered normal. however recently i had one of acne cycles and severe cold too.. which led to 5 or 6 very large swollen lymph nodes for which i ran to doc.. he wrote me some medicine to kill infection n help my white blood cells n i was normal within a week. 


so if u have any severe infection theres a good chance of swollen lymph nodes.. as the infection that cant be killed by normal count of WBC is carried and trapped in lymph node by lymphocytes.. and is delt with later( if ur body can heal it) else medication is required n suggested in all cases..

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