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Buy Cheap Wow Gold To Join Patch 5.2 To Re-experience WoW

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:26am

Have you played wow for a really long time? Are you get bored with such old game with the same dailies, same raids over and over again? Then cheer up now with Blizzard’s latest content bonanza-the live of patch 5.2, which will take you re-experience wow and get you back into the addiction of wow! Now, just get fast cheap wow gold ready to play Patch 5.2 of wow! We’ll see why patch 5.2 is so attractive for all wow fans!

A Large Number Of New Contents In Isle Of Thunder And Throne Of Thunder

We know patch 5.2 gets a brand new zone to explore-the Isle of Thunder which will be unlocked in stages as players on your realm complete daily quests, and we’ve got new factions here. Get rid of your opinion that new dailies and factions are just another grind, they will be absolutely fresh and fun for you to try! Also the achievement of rewards will make you enjoy the loot! And for Throne of Thunder, there are 13 bosses and tier 15 gear for you to challenge! And the single-player scenario in the game makes you a set amount of time to loot as many chests as possible!

Play To Tame Dinosaurs!

In patch 5.2, Isle of Giants has a large number of dinosaurs to tame and you can also ride them, which makes the game more exciting and worth trying! Yet, if you think riding a dinosaur is too tame, you can try to buy Intact Direhorn Hide from Isle of Giants, which will turn you a dinosaur for 10 minutes. Whee! Wow! You get to be a dinosaur!

Stormwind and Orgrimmar finally get much-needed repairs

The third attractive point in patch 5.2 is that stromwind and Orgrimmar have finally got rebuilt! Get ready of cheap safe wow gold and come to join patch 5.2 of wow to experience the new game content of rebuilt Stormwind and Orgrimmar, as Azeroth needs you!

Enjoy New Epic Quest Experience

If you think the idea of your entire server working together to unlock a new zone is not attractive or interesting enough for you, then try quest goodies in patch 5.2 that we think totally qualify for the epic moniker, which will be challenging enough to be addictive! In patch 5.2, a new quest chain for warlocks will finally get warlocks the green fire they’ve always wanted! And for the battle pet fans, you will challenge to collect elite legendary-quality pets around Pandaria to become the worthiest pet trainer!

More FarmVille To Experience In Patch 5.2 WoW

For the players who is addicted to farming, this is a great news to enjoy, yet for those who don’t like FarmVille so much, we still think it’s a good news for them, as we know all game players love Sunsong Ranch! In Patch 5.2, you’ll be able to run the ranch yourself now! Once Sunsong Ranch becomes yours, your farm becomes a resting place that you can bind your hearthstone. What’s more, you can take work orders to farm goods for Pandaria factions in exchange for more reputation!
Find Wow Patch 5.2 is interesting and can’t wait to play? Buy wow cheap gold from and get started now!

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