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Broome Part II

Posted Oct 08 2012 10:00pm

Imagine this waking up early in the morning to sunshine and warm weather, to look outside your window and see a beautiful pool and red dirt surrounding you. The hardest decision you have to make is what you will eat that day, because you already know the routine … run, swim, relax and write, lunch, arvo is spent going to the beach, lying down reading a book, swimming in the ocean, come home, dinner time, rest, rinse and repeat.

If you  had to ask me how I felt on this holiday one word summed it up perfectly, fabulous, and this wasn’t just because I wrote about the constant need of ‘ me time ‘ for the beautiful Sophie.

See if you are not feeling fabulous, blissful, happy and rested when you are holidaying with your mother in Broome in a brand spanking new house then there isn’t much that is going to excite you in this life. So it’s clear that my holiday was fabulous but I want to let you in a bit more than that so here is what I was loving on my trip.

New Gemstones

I bought myself 5 very little pretty gemstones when I was away from a very typical hippie free spirited man that called me dude a lot, but I was so happy with my new stones, I loved them a low. See here I am all about not waiting for the moment to be perfect, till I know enough, or old enough, I don’t wait for the moment in the future when everything is perfect to do something, if I want to then that’s usually a good enough reason to do something. When I first saw this stall at a Saturday Market I knew I wanted to buy something from this shop, but what? You could say I was easily overwhelmed by all the choices.

So I left without any pretty gemstones, I decided it was best if I wait until I know more about the gemstones and I can pick the perfect one. Yep I was clearly living waiting to live, instead of living and deciding buying some cheap gemstones will make me very happy. After coming home gaining some perspective and reading this Tara’s fabulous words about crystals I knew I would go to the market again the next day to buy my stones and let them chose me. Let that be that.

I ended up with these 5 beautiful stones above me. I picked the ones that instantly caught my eye and they were a perfect fit, I don’t want to say too much but let’s just say each one had something that was so right for where I am in life right now and what I need help with, it was eerily wonderful and am so happy with my purchases.

Broome Market

Enjoying nature

It can often be the simplest things that leave us happy within our lives, we generally don’t find it stuffed in our rooms, on the computer or t.v. as much as I love a good marathon of t.v. shows or reading my blogs, often true moments of peace and happiness can come from a long walk, seeing a sunset or sunrise, the little moments outside.When I was away I fully embraced this, the feeling of the warm sun on my skin, lying on the beach, seeing a clear blue sky, gong in the water, all of these small activities gave me a sense of calm and I am so grateful to it. I think the beautiful Jess Ainscough sums it up perfectly when stating why it is so important for us to engage in nature .

Spa Day

A spa day is top of the list essential for a relaxing getaway holiday, this was no different and I loved it. I went to the beautiful Bali Hai in Broome to be pampered, to relax and be wowed by this beautiful place. Walking around the spa it was clear to me that the little things truly do make the experience, my welcome tray with water, beautiful flowers and cool towel, which comes in very handy in a place like Broome.I enjoyed a hour long massage, which was heaven for my achey legs (yes I did run 16km the day before), lets just say the next time I head to Broome I can’t wait to go back to Bali Hai to receive the same service, enjoy the massage and look around this beautiful place, hopefully it will leave me as relaxed as the last time I went.

Bali Hai

Early nights, early mornings

I might seem geriatric to be admitting this was a highlight for my holiday but perhaps coming off 8 long weeks of uni and cognitive fatigue it felt amazing to be going to bed so early, receiving proper rest and waking up early, by early I mean 6am early, I got to see the sunrise from my room, I’d feel the temperature increase it was lovely waking up early in that relaxed environment.

So there we have it some of my favourite parts of my holiday to Broome that I loved. Keep your eyes peeled because I think I might even have coming some other beautiful snaps of purchases at a later date.

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