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Bored? Clear your time clutter

Posted Aug 04 2008 7:14pm

When life calls you to ask for something and you don’t move in the direction of it - you feel awful. You feel bored at a minimum; You feel betrayed at a maximum; You feel disappointed in a very strong way.

When you don’t keep up with YOU, you don’t feel good.  - Abraham Hicks

I heard the above quote when I was listening to a CD this morning and it struck me with awareness and understanding.

Yesterday evening I decided to spend a few days away from news sites, facebook and any forums that I normally visit. I realized that it was keeping me from things that I truly enjoy doing - things that I keep putting off.

I know that when I am focused on my own life, rather than the news from the rest of the world, I feel more joy. And, although the forums and facebook bring me happiness, I prefer actively living my life. I am going to place my focus elsewhere for the rest of the week to help get out of the rut I have worn in my brain. Any future use of those sites will be greatly diminished.

So, I had come to this realization before I heard the quote, but it was great reinforcement and put into words what I was feeling. Even though it was “just” boredom I was feeling - that was my indicator that I desire more from my life. I was not moving consistently in the direction of what I desire.

I am being called to write and to create more for my clients, but I was allowing myself to get sidetracked. Placing my conscious thoughts where I desire and eliminating all the “time clutter” stuff feels like cleaning house / clearing space for my mind!

What kind of “time clutter” exists in your life? I invite you to join me by sweeping away the time clutter and creating space for your creativity and brilliance to shine!

In joy!

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