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Body talk

Posted Jan 23 2009 4:26pm

When' s the last time you had a good fireside chat with your body?

Our body is always giving us a heads up as what' s working and what' s not. Are you listening? If your body was talking with you, what would it say? Add in some veggies, a daily walk, and stop seeing that person who drains you? It' s easy to come up with a list of what to change. And important to take both note and action towards the healthiest, most supportive choice. Talk. Listen. Dialogue. Act.

Get connected with what' s going well.

Breathing. Walking. Strong immune system. The ability of your mouth, tongue, and teeth working together to chew and enjoy food. Your heart beating. Fingers typing rapidly across the keyboard. Eyes, ears, nose, muscles, cells, systems in harmony.

When' s the last time you gave your body a big, hearty "Thank you"? Do it now.

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