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Black Belts are Simply White Belts Who Didn’t Quit

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:35am

Black Belt Success The harsh reality is that most people give-up too early. As soon as the required level of effort intensifies, they throw in the towel and head back to their comfort zone. Figuratively speaking, these people will surely wear a white belt forever. It’s just that simple.

Those wearing the black belt never threw in the towel and continue to forge ahead without hesitation. They are constantly training, endlessly learning and always ready for new material. Their success has little to do with intrinsic aptitude and everything to do with psychological determination. They never quit.

If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.
- Herschel Walker

Here are 9 black belt keys for success.

  1. Set Personal Goals – Personal goals define personal success. Success cannot be achieved unless goals have been set ahead of time.
  2. Visualize Success – Picture the outcome of your efforts. Use it as motivation to get you there.
  3. Work Hard – Be ready to sweat. Success comes at a cost. That cost is hard work.
  4. Learn From Your Mistakes – Mistakes are inevitable, and they are also the single greatest element of education.
  5. Never Quit – Quitting is failing. Brush yourself off, reevaluate your approach and try again.
  6. Keep Training – Self-study is vital. Never stop learning new material and never stop training with the material you already know.
  7. Assist Others – You must always give back what you take. Be a student and a teacher. You will learn something new in both roles.
  8. Maintain a Relaxed Mind – Relaxation is a critical part of keeping a clear perspective. Even under stressful conditions you must maintain mental equilibrium… breath.
  9. Value Your Mentors – A good mentor understands where you’ve been, where you intend to go, and is also chock full of priceless firsthand advice. Respect your mentors and value their opinions.

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