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Birthing a new vision, a new you

Posted Nov 15 2012 8:09pm

What's the vision you have for your life? Does it match your daily reality? Ready to bridge the gap, birth a new vision, birth a new you? If yes, read on, and scroll down for the special offer. Or check it out at the bottom of my most recent newsletter, The Spiritual Lowdown .

Well hello! It's been a bit over a year since you last heard from me. I'm happy to be back on the scene with my new little one, who will be turning 1 this year on Thanksgiving. I can hear him laughing in the background right now. A lot to be grateful for.

I woke up today thinking about where I was last year at this time, taking stock of what's changed and what hasn't. Lots on both lists. What about you? What's your heart been telling you about the way you're living your life? What's been lighting you up and what's been tearing you down?

Life communicates to us, and through us, all the time about whether we are pleased with the direction it has taken. Sometimes it's obvious which way to head next. Other times, not so much. So, we wait it out, riding the wave, hoping to get a clear clue on what lies ahead. In the process, we start to discover how much power we have to create the change we wish to experience. At least that's how it plays out in my own life. Would you like the same? To have a clear vision and the confidence to create it? 

First, let me tell you a story.

Last year, on this day, I was 4 days "overdue" for the birth of my baby. According to the timeframe of pregnancy, he was supposed to make his appearance on 11-11-11. Being a fan of numerology and spirituality, I was giddy about the magical due date. I went for a hearty hike in the forest that day, hoping he would show. Nope.

As each day passed, my excitement turned into anxiety. Then, I got food poisoning. A really bad case of it, so much so, I couldn't even swallow a teaspoon of water without throwing up, and had to be on an IV drip. Add some herbs, acupuncture, and homeopathy to make sure the cramping wouldn't kick me into labor.

This was not how I wanted or expected to bring my baby into the world. Thank goodness he didn't come that day, as my body was exhausted. The right timing for him? 11 days after his 11-11-11 due date. Still magic. But completely different than I thought it would be.

Things ever work out way differently than you plan? Yeah.

See, I had planned a home birth with a midwife, took the Yoga Way to Birth class, read Orgasmic Birth and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth , saw The Business of Being Born , and even created a Birth Vision box .
Birthbox inside (see more pictures here )

In addition to being a rockstar at birthing with ease, my vision included an explosion of sparkles from my hooha, light emanating all around my baby, the midwife praising my prowess, angels singing, and rainbow unicorns. Ha! 

Instead, it was more typical of how mainstream media portrays a woman giving birth - something to be feared, the soon to be mom screaming her head off, cussing, and begging for drugs. That was me. There was no zen. I even forgot I was birthing! Yep. My midwife said "Vanessa, you've got to breathe for your baby." All I could think was "What baby? I'm dying here. Save me."

My homebirth quickly turned into a necessary c-section. If we hadn't chose to go to the hospital, one or both of us wouldn't be here. And boy, I'm sure glad we are!

Me & fin on my bday
My 39th birthday with baby!


This is what happens sometimes between vision and reality - there is a gap. A gap you didn't intend. One in which you are more prepared for than you probably realize. In that murky but golden water, you begin to see how resilient you really are. It's the paradox of life, we wish for certain experiences but they tend to have their own agenda, awakening within us both our shadow and our light, our challenges and strengths.

You want to know yourself? Pay attention to how you play the game of your life.  You want to change your circumstances? Learn from what you observe and apply that wisdom in new action. The opportunity to change is always waiting for you in the moment you're in now. Grab onto it! Get support! Live! Go!

Which leads me to the special offer...

You. Healthy. Strong. Clear. Confident. Living the change you envisioned for yourself.

Sound good?

Let me help. After a decade of working with folks creating change in their lives, I've learned a thing or two about what makes that task both simple and enjoyable. Your trusty intuition (and mine), a good foundation of self-love and healthy habits, and some butt kicking coaching by the goddess of inspiration herself (me!).

Here it is:

1 session for $125  ($25 discount)
5 sessions for $495 (buy 4, get 1 free)
10 sessions for $995 (buy 8, get 2 free)


Here are what sessions are like

We  focus in on what's most relevant at the moment, using tools in health, intuition, spirituality, and coaching to get you clean, clear, and most effectively where you want to go. It's a no BS, laugh, heal, cry, get stirred up, feel more capable and confident, kind of session loaded with resources to send you on your way.

Here are testimonials of past clients , how to tell if we're a good fit , and a bit more about the type of work I do including how it benefits you . For more on how I work on the spiritual front click here , intuitively click here , health click here , and coaching click here .

This special offer is good through December 31, 2012. Once you register for the amount of sessions you'd like, they are valid to use until December 31, 2013. Use them weekly, monthly, whatever works for you. Or give them as gifts. I do have a limited number of these as my focus is still on being a mama. So, if you're ready to accelerate your life on all fronts, grab your spot now.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. You are more supported than you know.


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