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Biblical Principles of Economics & Government

Posted Sep 13 2011 12:30am


 Is God a Republican or Democrat? Is he a Free-Market Economist or a Closet-Socialist? The Lord has strong ideals and commands about how government and the economy should function. We cannot push Him into our boxes, but must submit our plans and beliefs to the authoritive Word of God. His Truth is more important than all of our ideas.

We are going Trip to London 5 11 11 Parade Grounds Westminster (3) to look at 7 Biblical Principles that apply to both government and economics in the next few columns. I realize that this will take several months, but I think this time will be valuable. I want to talk about government too because in our times, the governnment affects and directs the economy in numerous ways.

I would ask you to examine your heart in this area. Are you loyal to a party or to human wisdom. Ask the Lord to renew your mind with His Truth. Once you know what our Heavenly Father has to say, I challenge you to vote according to His principles. Please use your money and run your business according to biblical principles also.

We tend to think in terms of money and power, but God uses terms like wealth and authority. Authority is given to us to fulfill responsibility!

The bilbical view of God is that He is faithful, loving and holy. He is our provider. All authority belongs to Him. Everything and every person in the world belongs to Him. He delegates His authority and His property to people and institutions.

The biblical view of mankind is that people are created in the image of God and capable of accomplishing great things, but they are also conceived in sin and capable of great evil. We need protection because of this very evil.

Here are the biblical principles we will examine in the months ahead.

  1. Biblical Principle of Stewardship
  2. Biblical Principle of Law
  3. Biblical Principle of Localized Authority/Government
  4. Biblical Princple of Justice & Integrity
  5. Biblical Principle of Profit & Surplus
  6. Biblical Principle of Charity
  7. Biblical Principle of National Judgment & Revival

London Trip 5 12 11 Royal Exchange (2) All of these prinpcles apply to both economics and government. These principles will transform our personal government (self-control) and personal money management and we will experience personal success. Even nations can apply these principles and experience God's blessing. Churches, businesses, and families will all benefit by putting these principles into practice.

Our Heavenly Father created mankind. He knit us together in our mother's womb. We are precious to Him. And if we want wisdom and blessing, then learn and apply biblical principles to all of our life.

I long for the day when nations rise up and obey God, walking in His ways and famlies line up their lives with the Word of God. How awesome it is when businesses put these truths into practice!

Until next, time, keep your eyes on Jesus and learn all that you can learn from His Word about every area of life.




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