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Better Sleep for More Energy: 6 Tricks & Tips

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:37am

Do you wish you had more energy? How are you sleeping?

If life is stressful, chances are that sleep suffers. You may simply not have (or make) enough time for sleep (if so, you know what to do!).

Or, once you do go to bed, the zzz’s just don’t seem to come as easily as you may have hoped for…

What to do?

Lots of things. Here are a few that have helped me during a lengthy episode of challenged sleep a few years ago, and still do when the need arises:

1. Outsourcing your worries: Don’t go to sleep with them (as if you could!). Write them down on a piece of paper, or into a notebook, and let the universe take care of them. At least till morning. No, seriously, you’ll sleep better almost instantly.

2. Make sure your sleep “environment” is the way you like it. Dark, quiet, right temperature, comfy bed.

3. Wear socks. I know that some people joke about other people wearing socks to bed, but when it comes to sleep, they may be just what the doctor ordered.

4. Consider earplugs if noise is an issue. The world’s best earplugs are made in Germany and are called Ohropax. You can find some on (expensive if you buy them there but worth every penny). You can also bribe any German friends you may have into sending you some.

5. Have a calming night-time routine. Hot chocolate (or milk), calming music, boring reading ;-) and maybe some deep breathing. In fact, trying to do some meditation once you go to bed may really help. Do one where you have to focus on your breaths, and breathe really slowly. Don’t worry if you keep falling asleep in the middle of it. That’s the idea!

6. Soothing music. Stephen Halpern’s Sleep Soundly is one option. Check back for another option that I’ll have to check on first.

To be continued at some point in the future and/or in my newsletter ;-)

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