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Beauty Radiates from the Inside Out

Posted Mar 25 2009 5:22am

I'm a firm believer that beauty does radiate from the inside out. Over the past 42 years I have met some really beautiful people, beautiful not because they had the perfect body and flawless face, but beautiful because they had the most amazing hearts possible. They were kind, loving, giving, respectful and supportive of others, full of integrity...oh, the list which makes up my own definition of inner beauty could go on.

Sadly, this week I seemed to forget about the importance of inner beauty. I will admit that I stood in a place of terrible judgment. I was extremely critical of a person that does have a giving heart and a passion for sharing love and kindness with others. So by my own definition of inner beauty that person is a beautiful person. Instead of remembering that, I took one look at her image and then began the following dialog:

"Oh my goodness! You are line backer material and those bags under your eyes, well, they're sad! There is not another person on this planet who will find you attractive now."

With those hurtful words, the light quickly faded from her hazel eyes. The happy look on her face was replaced with a look of hurt and sadness. What's worse, her inner beauty was stifled and quickly hidden in the shadows of the negative thoughts.

I owe that person a huge apology and since I know she is reading this post, I will publicly apologize to her.

Pam, I am terribly sorry for the nasty things I said to you. I wish I could take them back, because not only were they unfair, but they were unkind, and not true. From here on out I am making the promise not to stand in judgment of you, but rather celebrate the beautiful person you are and the wonderful things you bring to the world.

My friends, I hope you too will take this to heart and remember, beauty truly does radiate from the inside out so it's important to not snuff the internal beauty you possess with self-deprecating comments. You are beautiful. We all are!!

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