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Be careful what you ask for

Posted Aug 03 2008 4:14am

I was chatting with a friend last night about manifesting.  There is a whole host of stuff that you can read about this on the web, lots of books have been written about it and you can go on expensive courses to learn about it and how to do it.

However at its heart its really very simple.  Just identify what you want in life and send that intention out into the universe.

Thats it.  Its just that simple. Its about focusing on what you want.

For example I was visiting Kendal to see a client this week.  Its August, holiday time, the place is generally busy with tourists.  There is a small back lane where I generally park.  There are about 10 car psaces there, no more, and its quite close to the town centre.  So it does quickly get filled on busy days.  So from the moment I started my jounrey I was focusing on there being a space for me at this place.  Thats a very different frame of mind than worrying whether or not there will be a space.

So when I arrived there were in fact two places to park.

I know that you could say htis is coincidence but it happens far too frequently to be coincidence. And you can use manifestation for many different things.  Health, wealth and happiness are only the start of it.  So be careful what you ask for.

What will you ask the universe for today.  What will you focus on that you want?

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