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Back to Yoga

Posted Apr 23 2013 11:05pm

Do you ever go on to YouTube to watch a video and end up watching 13 other videos before watching the one you wanted to look up in the first place? It can’t be just me. I went on to look up Tiny Dancer by Elton John and the next thing I knew I was watching the guys of Lonely Island sing about sex and Jack Sparrow.  So anyway….

My apologies for any of you who encountered some visual problems with the blog on Friday night.  As you can see, RR has a new header, which apparently my blog didn’t like too much at first, but now everything seems to be working well.


Recently I decided I really needed to go back to a regular yoga practice, since I haven’t really maintained one since I moved back to Colorado.  I tried out a Core Power class a while back, and though it was a good workout, it wasn’t the type of yoga I enjoy.  I believe that intention matters a great deal, especially in yoga, and I prefer my practice to be more on the spiritual side with the added benefit of getting a workout in.


I signed up for a hot yoga class today at a new studio (new to me, that is) to keep myself accountable so I wouldn’t back out at the last minute (not that I’d ever do something like that ;) ).  I like getting to a new studio a little early so I can get a look around, set up my mat, and stretch a little.

When I got to the studio, students were filing into the only visible room, so I assumed that was the class I was supposed to go to.  Turns out, that was a Vinyasa class, not the hot yoga I thought I would be attending.  The hot yoga was in a different room a few minutes later.

This was the first Vinyasa class I have done since last July and it felt amazing.  It was definitely outside my comfort zone though, because I had a male teacher (not something I’m used to) and I wasn’t sure what type of class it was until we started.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and was surprised at how strong I felt, especially after being away from a regular practice for so long.

My favorite part of class was Savasana, not because it was relaxing, but because of what the teacher told us.

He said, “Let yourself take a moment to let this practice sink in.  Make space for this practice within you.”

It had never occurred to me to use Savasana as a way to seal the practice, but I felt a definite difference letting myself take it in.  I let myself be proud for making back to the mat, for putting myself outside of my comfort zone, and challenging myself in the sequences.  It was also a big deal for me to not compare to other students.  If you have a yoga practice, I’d like to suggest trying out a different intention for Savasana and see if you notice a difference.

I signed up for a month of unlimited yoga as I left, and got a great deal with a Groupon promo they were offering ($39 for a month of unlimited!)

On my way home I stopped for dinner at Whole Foods and picked up some things from the salad and hot bars

photo A kale salad with shredded carrots, beets, quinoa, a few mandarin oranges, sunflower seeds, and a drizzle of balsamic dressing.  For some protein I had some dry balsamic tofu (disappointing) but some great hummus and tomatoes to make up for it.

And some Apple Cherry Juice that didn’t contain any added sugar :)

photo-2 I got home just in time to catch the second half of the Celtics/Knicks game and get my heart broken.  It’s the playoffs and though I don’t have high hopes for my team, I still want them to pull through despite the odds.  I have higher hopes for the Nuggets, and if they advance, I’m definitely going to try and get to a game or two :)

My goal for this week is to get a few runs in, assuming the snow decides to melt and stay away.  For the last three weeks it has snowed every Monday and Tuesday and I’m tired of it.  I’m also going to try and do at least one more yoga class.  I’m just looking forward to Saturday when I get to see a comedian perform downtown :)

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