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Back to School

Posted Jul 25 2008 12:00am
So I'm officially back to school. My mind is, but I know my body isn't. I'm still trying to adjust to the earlier bed time and earlier rise time. I only slept through the alarm one time this week. We'll see how it goes once kids show up next week.

Plus, the long commute time is take some time to get used to again. Though I am impressed with how well I drove it on auto pilot today. I don't remember telling myself to turn everywhere, but somehow my mind and body knew how to get home without any conscious decisions being made on my part.

I'm in a new room this year. It's smaller than my rooms last year, but,hey, I'm not complaining. It gave me an excuse to clean out a lot of my stuff and simplify my stash of stuff. My new location is much better too. I'm down the hall from a teacher's lounge with a restroom. Plus my building is about 15 steps from the office. So even when it's 110+ outside, I can hardly tell because I can stay in air conditioning for most of it. :-) Plus, I'm in a building, so students can access my room before school unless I let them in. Ooh the power....

My schedule is a bit skewy this year. As most of you know I teach gifted students for a block of language arts and social studies. I'm sure I could bore you with all of the philosophy behind a block schedule, but the basic definition is I have a chunk of students for one block and another chunk for the other one. Well, that is not the case this year. I might as well be two separate teachers, as my numbers are all over the place. We have a total of 39 gifted students at my school in 8th grade, but here are my numbers: 1st period- 20, 2nd period- 28, 3rd period- 18, 5th period- 11. Yeah, you read that right, 11. Plus, here's the kicker. That 11 is made up of 2 girls and 9 boys. I'm trying to be positive about this weirdness. For example, at least I finish with the small bunch. Last year I finished with a large bunch and that was rough. Coverage will be a breeze. "Would you mind taking my class of 11 while I head out of here? No problem!" The classes are a constant mix up, so hopefully the comfort-induced-discipline-problems will be kept to a minimum. It might even be easier to switch schedules up if we need to. (Never an option in the past. However, administration isn't too sympathetic of our numbers when there are classes with 35+.)

Basically, lots of new things this year. Though I am staying at 8th grade so that will make it a lot easier. This is the first year since my 2nd year teaching that I've stayed at the same grade level two years in a row. I should be able to save some time planning thanks to that. We also have a new lunch, 3A. Boo! We used to have last lunch so now we'll be eating an hour and a half earlier. I'll probably be eating more snacks in the afternoon than in the morning now.

So that's the summary of the upcoming school year, we'll see how it ends up after a few weeks. I'll keep you posted!
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