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Attitude, attitude, attitude

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:40pm

Let me tell you a story.....

Frank is a bright spark. He used to work with the police on fraud cases. He left. He's now working through an agency. Just recently he had a job where he was so good that he'd done all of his allocated work, had tried to get more, was waiting on other people processing stuff, played a computer game whilst waiting, got sacked for it. His manager fought for him as he was so much better than anyone else. No use, he still got sacked.

Then the agency offered him something else in a call centre at £6 per hour. He thought he'd just go along, after all it was work. The agency suggested that even though it was a lowly post he should turn up suited and booted.

Interview happened. They are building a new call centre. They want him as a team leader, probably quickly moving into management.

Frank's success is all down to attitude. If we don't give it a go, just find out what its all about, give things a chance, take a risk, take the time to find out then we may never find those opportunities that are all out there waiting for us. Frank also showed by his attitude that he could do a mangement job, turning up professionally dressed, projecting that professional image. The attitude of being open to see what's out there will always pay rewards. Having a positive attitude transmits to those around you.

What will you find out about today? What will you give a second thought to that you might have dismissed? How will your attitude help you today?

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