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Ask and You Will Receive

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm
Every once in a while I get a major brain cramp which leads to writer’s block. Today was no exception. As I sat here with my cup of coffee in hand asking myself, “OK, what do I want to write about?”, nothing came to mind. Then I remembered, I have these beautiful cards created by Sonia Choquette and when I am lacking creative juices it sometimes helps to pull a card.The first card I pulled was the Pray card and as I read the description of the card I thought, “What wisdom could I possibly share about praying?” So I pulled another card; the Call on Your Angels card. Hmmm, are you detecting a bit of a theme here? All the sudden I go from no idea to two ideas in the pull of the card (or cards); I could either write about paying attention to themes that present themselves or I could write about asking for guidance. Then it dawned on me, “Duh, Pam…you were asking for inspiration and you were given an answer.” I don’t think I was actually meant to focus on the real meaning of the cards, but the bigger message; when you are at a loss, when you are lacking direction, or answers are evading you, ask a question from your heart to whatever deity or source you look to for support (God, Buddha, your guardian angels, spirit guides, an intuitive, the Universe…) then let it go, be present and patient, and see what appears. Sometimes the answers come instantly (like in my case today – thank you!), while other times the answers come in due time and when you least expect it. Just know and have faith that all heartfelt questions do receive answers, so ask and you will receive.
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