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Apologia Zoology, General Science, & Biology Review

Posted Apr 10 2009 11:47pm

Homeschooling Curriculum copy  

Meredith Review BB  

Christ-centered exploration of God's Creation makes,  Apologia   textbooks a favorite! Apologia textbooks because are easy to understand, full of beautiful pictures, and include hands-on activities that require things around my house. Best of ALL, Apologia textbooks honor God as the Creator and Sustainer of Life! More than other textbooks, Apologia seeks and promotes Creationism by filling the readers' hearts with wonder as the marvels of the Creation are explained!

I will be reviewing three Apologia science textbooks:  Exploring Creation with Zoology for elementary students, Exploring Creation with General Science for middle school students, and Exploring Creation with Biology for high school students.

A favorite part of Apologia's textbooks is near the beginning titled, "Need Help?" This page is devoted to getting help through mail, email, the web, fax, and phone. Apologia is supportive and available for homeschooling families.

Another favorite part of these textbooks is the three page list of everything you need to complete every project, experiment, and ac
tivity in the book. It is laid out chapter by chapter, so simple to follow. Mom can just add items to her grocery list. To dig deeper, there is a password for a course website. 

Aplogia Zoology When Apologia'sExploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Dayby Jeannie K. Fulbright arrived to be reviewed, I was thrilled because my son loves animals, especially flying insects! Let me tell you a little bit about this elementary school age textbook. It can be used in 4th through 7th grade. 

Along with reading the textbook, suggestions to complete the course include narration, notebooking, projects, and experiments.  Narration is simply the student telling Mom about what he/she has just finished reading orally or in writing. Conversation with Mom is a great way to learn. I love reading textbooks aloud with my children, no matter what age, but upper elementary children and older will have no problem reading it on their own with understanding.

Notebooking activities often involve narration. In lesson 9, A First Look at Insects, you "Write down what you remember from the lesson in your notebook...and make illustrations.....After you have written down what you learned, draw an insect with every feature that makes an insect an insect..."   (Page 145, Exploring Creation with Zoology)   Other notebooking activities are more light hearted, such as making an advertisement.

Easy and fun projects and experiments are varied and include making an insect zoo, building a birdhouse, discovering which color or food birds prefer, building a bird bath, or a nature scavenger hunt. 

Some topics covered are  classification, extinction, bird watching, bird feathers, flying, nesting, matching, hatching, bats, flying reptiles, insects, insect life cycles, beetles, flies, and lepidoptera.  On Apologia's website, you can buy the book for $35.00.

Aplogia General Science  I also received Exploring Creation with General Science by  Dr. Jay L. Wile   to review. Exploring Creation with General Science is written for middle schoolers, but will interest all ages. What a neat textbook!  Topics covered include:  physics, earth science, geology, biology, chemistry, and anatomy! Each of the sixteen modules take about two weeks to finish with "On Your Own" Questions to answer while reading, Study Guide Questions at the end of each module, and many experiments. Here are some topics covered in this book: Scientific Inquiry, Technology, Archeology, Geology, Paleontology, The Fossil Record, Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism, Classifying Life, and Human Body Systems. 

A companion CD,with video, animation, pronunciation, and problems worked out, is available.

Exploring Creation with General Science is well-written with lovely charts, graphs, illustrations, photographs, and funny cartoons to keep it interesting.  I found the illustrations of body systems and organs bright, colorful, and easy to understand.  Great detail is shared without it being dry and boring. Another great job, Apologia!  Your middle school student can read this book on his/her own.  However, the whole family may enjoy listening to Mom read it aloud!

Christ-centered with an emphasis on the wonder of God's living creatures, we have used Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology   by Dr. Jay L. Wile in our home for years.  In fact, Shine will be using this textbook next year in ninth grade for Biology. 

ApologiaExploring Creation with Biology Exploring Creation with Biology is the best biology textbook I have ever seen. With a Bachelors degree in nursing, I have taken my fair share of biology classes and read numerous science textbooks at the high school and college level. I am impressed with the thorough coverage in Exploring Creation with Biology. The textbook is divided into sixteen modules. Topics covered include:  taxonomy, bacteria, one-celled organisms, fungi, photosynthesis, cells, DNA, genetics, theory of evolution, plants, and animals.   "On Your Own" Questions, throughout the module, and study guides prepare students for tests.

Exploring Creation with Biology is a another beautiful book!  You could spend hours just looking at the pictures, reading the charts, and looking at the diagrams. 

You can purchase Apologia's   Exploring Creation with Biology or Exploring Creation with General Science on their website for $65.00.  So lutions/test manuals, CD-roms, microscopes, and slide sets are available.

 The study of science affects our walk with the Lord. " For since the Creation of the World, God's invisible qualities--His eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse" (Romans 1:20 NIV). Nature reveals the glory of God. Studying God's Creation from a perspective that gives honor and glory to Him, allows us to behold his power and divine nature. We cannot help but be amazed and impressed!  Introduce your children to the the Amazing Creator and the wonders He has made!

Enjoy the journey of learning more about God and His Creation!

Meredith Sig Joy copy

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