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An Educational Oversight

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:38am

I’ve been actively studying for the CISSP certification exam (a requirement for my job) over the last couple of weeks.  So, I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading on the fifth floor (nobody goes up there) of UCF ’s main campus library.  There really is something magical to be said about an educational atmosphere…  I’m not speaking of a high school environment where disgruntled teenagers are stuck in an algebra class all day.  I’m referring to a self imposed educational setting where literature is absorbed, friendly debates are convened, knowledge and information are in constant exchange, and people are truly eager to learn.  It’s the kind of setting you feel lingering in the air on college campuses around the globe.  It’s a conversation in the student union, a study session at the campus library, or two cents over breakfast at the cafeteria.  Information is continuously swapped from mind to mind.  The aura is contagious, and it shoots a stimulating sensation through your entire body.  Just being there, surrounded by people engrossed in expanding their personal knowledge base… it feels so damn healthy.  When you’re an undergrad in college you take it all for granted.  Then, after you’ve graduated to the next step, you rapidly forget how invigorating education can be.  Education is a form of self expansion.  It should be an on-going, assiduous process… something many people seem to forget once they achieve their diploma.  I’m guilty as charged.  But now I realize what I’m missing, and I intend to learn from this oversight.  Once I get the CISSP certification under my belt, I will begin to map out my next move.

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