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Am I too old to manifest things?

Posted Dec 26 2009 10:15pm
By Mary K

I don’t remember ever seeing anything in here about “age.” I’m wondering if one possibly reaches an age where manifesting just doesn’t happen. I have read that we older folks probably have a lot more “junk” to get rid of that would seriously hinder many results, but is it so impossible? One of the things that really hangs me up is “action.” I’m retired and don’t have a business, and sometimes it seems that the only way to manifest is to have a career or business where there is at least a basis or jumping off point to take action. There is no relationship issue, either. I hope you don’t think I’m age-ist, but this whole thing seems to be geared to younger people.

Has Abraham ever addressed the “age” issue?

youngandoldHere’s my response… Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Like Crane says… Abraham’s teachings are definitely AGE-NEUTRAL! That’s probably why you haven’t seen anything.

Are you aware that Esther and Jerry Hicks are NOT kids? ;-)
You may be surprised at the audience if you attend a workshop.

Here’s something that you may be ‘missing’ you ARE manifesting… each moment of each day. You, in fact, manifested TODAY for yourself.The whole day… just for you to play in, to have experience. You manifested the physical body to use in the experiences you are drawing to yourself. It has nothing to do with having a career or business (unless of course, those things float your cork, blow your skirt up, make you feel ALIVE!) It’s always about having experiences that make you feel ALIVE! That’s what keeps our focus here in the physical. When we’re no longer predominantly focused on experiencing life in the physical we simply slough off our bodies and create from the non-physical.

So never doubt that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS operating and you are ALWAYS manifesting the match to your vibration. The trick (and the fun) of DELIBERATE creation is wrangling control of your vibration so that you deliberately attract the experiences you truly and deliberately desire rather than creating by default out of our vibrational habits.

When you decide to commitment yourself to FEELING GOOD no matter what… you have made a decision to create a new habit. And you will lock onto this new habit far more quickly if you take action as you are inspired while focused on things that make you feel good.

None of that has anything to do with “age” which is simply an illusion we’ve made up in the first place.

Have fun!

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