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Actively Pursue Your Happiness

Posted Aug 13 2012 10:00pm

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, have a stride in your step and are ready to conquer the world. Yet as the day goes by it seems to suck this attitude away from you. Is it the freezing cold wind blowing you around, not enough food for lunch or catching every red light home that makes you irritated – who knows, the main thing is you return a little less happy and calm as when you left.

Most likely this isn’t too hard for you to imagine. I take it this day has easily happened to you a couple of times in the same kind of way. No matter how positive or happy you try to be the fact remains you are going to have these days.

I think it’s really important to remember that its easy to be happy and positive when everything is going your way but in these moments it truly tests us to see if we can remain upbeat – no I’m not asking you to be flawless, you can get upset, annoyed but how you bounce back from these irritating days is important to note.

So here is a list of the top 5 things I love to do when my day hasn’t turned out so well. If there’s any great ones you think I’ve missed or your own little quirky thing you do to unwind I’d love to hear it!

1)    Having a bath: of course this had to be on the top of the list! Everyone loves a good bath, it melts away the tensions and calms us. You can even play some relaxing music, light some candles and definitely add some bubbles.

2)    Read a good book: whatever the genre that appeals to you, nothing beats cuddling up with a good book under a blanket and immersing yourself in another world. For sad days I always enjoys positive uplifting stories. I’m also a big fan of health books

3)    Listen to music: never underestimate the power of music. I have many playlists on my iPod from ‘chill’ to ‘happy’ and even ‘angry’. When I am having a bad day I first like to blare my angry playlist to unleash the tension and then to make me feel happy again put on some upbeat pop music or musicals never fail.

4)    Pamper yourself: break out the special moisturises and give your tired legs, arms, hands, neck, feet a good massage, you can even continue pampering yourself by painting your nails. Anything to show yourself that you are damn well worth it. Even better if you can convince a partner to do it for you.

5)    Exercise: this could be anything from running, walking to hitting up the gym, the main thing is to elevate your heart rate, build a sweat and enjoy the wave of endorphins about to come your way.

So next time you have a day that isn’t going your way, instead of giving into a feeling of helplessness, turn to this handy list of what you can do to actively turn your day from not so good to even better.

‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.’

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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