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Achievement, Anxiety, Amygdala

Posted Jan 20 2011 8:26pm

After he saw his parents go from winning a state lottery to being bankrupt and on the verge of divorce, Dean Whittingham researched what led them from “utter bliss to despair and depression” – and strategies to help other people stay successful.

At least part of the answer is in terms of brain function.

“How many times have you set yourself a goal to achieve something you’ve never achieved before?” he writes. “You’ve been highly motivated and really excited at first but in a short time, you find you give up or quit?

“There is a small almond shaped organ in your brain called the Amygdala, which must share some of the blame.”

Continued in his article Trying To Achieve Success And The Little Almond Shaped Organ That Holds You Back .

Dean Whittingham is author of the Reprogramming the Mind for Success program and related ebook – you can get a free copy by subscribing to my Developing Talent newsletter using the form below, or in his article.

The image is from the video Emotions in the brain, from post Anxiety and the Amygdala .

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