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... About Being Creative

Posted Jan 05 2010 6:43am
Aberration Nation Announcement!

I'm one of those perpetually dissatisfied folks who can't stand to keep doing the same thing for too long. I need change. If not constant, at least frequently. With this in mind, I've decided to shift Aberration Nation into the fascinating realm of creativity.

I honestly can't recall when I first began wanting to write. And along with the wanting-to-be-a-writer was an intense desire simply to be highly creative. I longed to be a person with a gift. Sometimes, it was more like knowing I had a gift that I was compelled to identify. Was all that just an ongoing, ridiculous fantasy created to keep me sane and focused on the future in an unhappy home ... or was it destiny? Was it truly who I am struggling to emerge amidst a chaotic childhood?

My mom always told us, "Everyone has a talent." Looking back, I think she was trying to say that everyone is good at something, but I honed in on the word talent. For me talent meant creativity, and that's what I wanted most. I was afraid I didn't have it, and so I craved it. I dreamed about it. Unfortunately, my insecurities and poor self esteem held me back and put me on the slow road.

Even now I fight those insecurities. Yet, I keep going, believing that someday I'll be at peace with my self-imposed label of highly creative--that what I create will mean something to someone; that it will have true value. So not a day goes by when I don't consider what creativity is all about, and if what drives me is one and the same.

What does being highly creative truly mean?

What does it really feel like, and what's the point?

What are we to do with our creativity, and once we know, how can we actually accomplish our goals?

How can we emerge from the huge average creative crowd spinning in a culture that recognizes so few?

Is there a point when one should give up?

Should it just be a hobby when it feels like a calling?

Now I'd like to ask professional/serious artists, writers, actors, musicians, etc. about their experiences and thoughts on being creative ... with a twist. I'll toss in the Aberration Nation themes of overcoming the suck life throws our way. I'm betting highly creative folks have tons of interesting and thoughtful things to say about that.

So for the new year, Aberration Nation will remain the same yet instead of .... about being human, it will be .... about being creative.

If you're a professional/serious artist, musician, actor, writer, etc. I'd love to interview you regarding the trials and joys of creativity. (And let's not forget that some highly creative folks focus on science, math, advertising, etc. You're invited, too!) My goal is to provide contrast and comparison regarding the various creative avenues we choose, while highlighting our "never give up" attitude.

If you're interested in joining the Aberration Nation, contact me at (Please include your credentials and/or website so I can check it out.)
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