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A Wedding Band – the best Symbol Of adore & Devotion

Posted Feb 22 2011 10:25am

THE wedding band is a ring crafted from yellow metal, worn within the engagement ring children’s finger to help symbolize spousal relationship. A wedding band will be indicative of the fidelity of the spouse. It is usually worn on the quit ring ring finger. It was some sort of Greek belief that the vein in the left ring ring finger is going directly to the heart. The train of thought ended up being called vena amori. However modern meds provides proved the belief mistaken. The custom of wearing a wedding band is European and has these days distribute commonly around the world. However around Eastern Europe and some parts of american Europe like the Netherlands, Spain, and philippines the wedding band can be worn on the right hand ring finger. Some people don wedding bands over the guitar’s neck on the chain. Traditionally the wedding band is worn nearer into the trust of the engagement ring kids finger as opposed to bridal group of musicians. Most of the times on the bridal band the spouse’s name is engraved after marriage and the bridal band variations status to become the wedding band. In traditional marriages it is the duty on the best male to maintain the wedding bands and produce them at the time of the ring giving and receiving ceremony. Often the ring bearer (usually a young boy related to the girl or perhaps groom) carries the wedding companies on special cushions or pillows.


The ring symbolizes the couple’s love for each other. Making overtures to a man or woman wearing a ring is definitely frowned upon in society. The rings of men and women are little bit different around design. The jewelry of adult males are usually broader than the wedding bands of women. The usual thickness of the bands range from 2 mm to 10 mm. Generally more women wear wedding bands than men. many people due to their occupations like police gentlemen, soldiers, electricians, actors etc do not in general use wedding rings.


you’ll find a huge number of designs regarding wedding bands obtainable in the market. Generally they are made of precious metals like precious metal (white rare metal & green gold), titanium, platinum, tungsten carbide, weapon metal, steel, nickel etc. Poisonous or corroding metals like aluminum, metalic as well as brass are never made use of. However as per customs wedding bands can be made of any material. The designs available are domed bands, milgrain bands, a couple tone bands, flat bands, pretty jewelry, precious stone bands, designer bands, engraved bands, knife edge bands, brushed center bands, plain washboard companies, Celtic bands, Irish bands, antique designs, etc. typically the wedding bands for lovers will be sold in pairs with matching designs. Sometimes the bands of spouses are engraved on the wedding ceremony bands. The most common pattern is a plain gold music group. it can be easier to decontaminate it and gives an elegant look.


Wedding jewelry are available in attractive designs, studded with gems, with bright polish etc. your gems are available in many patterns similar to round, marquise, heart, emerald, trillion, multi slice, pear, little princess, square or anything else. In France and French speaking countries generally the wedding bands are made of three interwoven rings. many people signify love, faith and also hope. The price of wedding bands range from below $50 to millions of dollars depending upon the type of music group and treasure.

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