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A Very Different Christmas

Posted by Neva H.

Choosing a radical shift for the holidays

 Christmas has always been a huge family time, in my birth family.  Changing the way I spend Christmas was not even an option until my consciousness reached a certain level.  That seems to have happened in 2010.

 I do not necessarily plan to be home for Christmas this year.  In fact, I find myself unplugging from a lot of social customs.  It feels right for me to be doing this.  It also feels like I'm rocking the boat of family expectation, which is not always easy or comfortable.

Choosing to stand apart from custom and tradition, long enough to see if it is something I truly want to participate in or if it's simply something I've done thru obligation.

 Giving myself permission to spend Christmas alone, or in a strange place with people I  don't know.

 Or....going home and experiencing the family/tribal experience of Christmas in a new way.


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