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A Smile for your Health

Posted Apr 29 2010 11:47pm
SMILE the word itself has such a lot of meaning in it One twist in the word and the the whole long journey can be turned into an effortless fun. Well ypu that just shift the S from Miles in the front and it becomes SMILE doesnt it make the whole miles feeling better. You probably knew this but then why didnt you see to this thing. The life is called a journey and one person cannot complete the journey if his health doesnt support him and the health would support only if he is happy with the journey or with the miles that he has to cross so you see its all a cycle and its only upto us whether we want our life to go in MILES or in SMILE. a journey is always great if the people whom you interect with during your journey give a pleasant welcome to you but there also it a smile that can work wonders, so probably if you make an effort to smile its quite sure the front person also wouldnt grin at you until he has not had a fight with his wife or trashed by his boss. Well but still today looking at the stress level that each one is carrying along with them i get scared of the future generation what would they do. Today people dont have time to even look at their neighbours or even their own family members, im not against the whole neclear family thought but then in a nuclear family both the parents are working and the child has to learn how to overcome the loneliness. Well not going away from the topic i suppose Smile is really important and probably even if that child gets a smile from his parents he would be more than happy and would no longer feel lonely. We should have a World Smile day and the whole world should come together for some kind of a carnival . 
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