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A Rose Garden of Healing

Posted Sep 07 2010 4:00am

Abuse & Trauma, Hope & Healing with Lindy Abbott

And she lived happily ever after. . .Amen! And she drove off into the sunset. . .Amen! And she sent her final mortgage payment to the loan company. . .Amen! Alleluia!

We all dream of the end of a burden, but how many of us dream of being in the middle of a crisis in life. Our tomb stone will show the date we were born and the date we die, but our life is lived in all the days represented by the dash. We have our own perfect picture of how abundant life should look, but reality doesn't often match our desired outcome. Many years ago, when I first thought about writing a story of the abuse and healing in my life, I oddly pictured the scene of the final chapter being in a park setting. I would be in a "June Cleaver" dress lounging on a checkered blanket. 

Healingrose Knowing I had arrived at the good side of life, I'd happily watch my little one crawl around as a refreshing breeze touched my face and tossed my dark chocolate hair. Under the ocean-tropic blue skies my husband would swing a Frisbee to our giggling child. I would reach into the wooden-weaved, picnic basket and pull out  some homemade delicacies calling everyone to lunch. As we gathered on the blanket, the theatrical music would start and the scene would fade with everyone knowing life-is-complete, and all-is-well.

Guess what? This has never happen, and it never will. Nevertheless, the most difficult parts of my healing journey are finished. While I know God is ever molding me, I have a sweet peace and deep relief that the horrendous days are over. I am not saying I never hurt anymore, or I have become a living saint that never experiences personal sin. I am saying I pressed-on walking obedient to God, until He gave me assurance that I had fulfilled the path He chose for me.

Do you know that most roses, like people, can be difficult to grow? The old-fashion rose shrubs and the elegant long stem  rose plants are very fragile and highly susceptible to disease. Only gardeners with the most talented and meticulous care achieve a garden filled with beautiful blooming roses. Bright sunlight helps the plant produce the food needed for energy. Healthy doses of water are needed but a rose never needs to be drowning in a puddle. Most of all, a careful eye must inspect the leaves and buds for disease and pest. The first site of any problem needs to be dealt with quickly to keep it from spreading or deeply damaging the plant.

Can't you see how much hurting people are like roses? They come in all shapes and sizes, but they require talented, meticulous, loving care. They grow strong in the light of the Son, and are their best after spending time in His presence. They need to be watered frequently and deeply by God's Word, but not left drowning in their sorrow. And most of all, they heal under the loving eye of Father-God, the Master Gardener, as He inspects their emotions, mind and body before a problem takes over, damaging their soul or destroying relationships with others.

Magic is not God's way of healing. Certainly He can instantaneously transform any of us as though we never had one traumatic event in our life. He can do anything! Though, it is most common for Him to want us to walk through our valley of sorrow, instead of taking one big leap across suffering. The key is we have to trust Him to be our Master. He created us as unique people, and therefore, He knows exactly the best way for each of us to recover.

You can't do what I did to reach healing. It was God's personal plan for my life. You will have to go straight to God and find out what He would have you do. People tend to look for just the right book to give them the steps to follow. Many people join some type of healing program. Listening to godly principles and applying them to your life will always bring spiritual growth and blessing. Following a method designed by a person with experience is often a good place to start, especially if you haven't yet developed your fellowship with God, but it will never replace your intimate relationship with Him. 

Yellowrose So don't seek to be just like someone else, or think they have found the mysterious key to healing traumatic abuse. God is not a respecter of persons, but He doesn't interact with us in the exactly same way. He speaks personally to our heart, saying exactly what we need to do or hear. Trust God. He will NEVER mislead you. He will never waste your time, or take you down a path you don't need to go. Often we look ahead and think we see a shortcut, but if we skip ahead we will cheat ourselves out of immeasurable blessings.

God will always be waiting for you to come. If you want to rejoice with the trophies of God's grace, being filled by Him for His glory, you will have to go directly to Him for your healing plan. Does the rose get credit for how well it grows? Do you hear people say, "Oh, what a lovely little rose! She did all the right things and now look at her. She is a beauty to behold. I admire how creative she is."  Of course, not! The flower is a reflection of God the Creator and the skillful hand of the Gardener.

I know of no greater joy than being a shining display of God's healing and grace. Won't you join me as I continue to grow and testify to His amazing love, as He writes His story in my life?

Meet Lindy

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