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A return to Frontera Grill

Posted Dec 06 2012 8:55am
My family was in Chicago visiting the last couple days. My sister hadn’t been to Chicago since she was little so, naturally, we had to go see Rick . Specifically, we had to eat at Frontera Grill . And somehow, someone neglected to invite Rick! How rude!! So it was just the four of us! 
I’ve blogged about Frontera Grill and my family and Rick Bayless before . I ate there with my parents back in June. We had excellent food once again. 
Here is how it went down. 
To start we had the Guacamole. It was excellent, as always.
My sister ordered the Coconut-Lime Ceviche. She lived in Peru for several months and ate a ton of Ceviche and was curious about this unique take on Ceviche. She said it was nothing like Peruvian Ceviche to good and unique. I had a bite and was surprised to find that the coconut flavor was not sweet or overpowering. Instead the dominate flavor was lime. 
I had the green beans to start. One of my rules at restaurants is to get something I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make myself at home. I broke the rule because I have green beans all the time. With garlic. Slow-cooked in the oven. But I was very curious about how such a simple concept is done at Frontera. And they were really, really good. Not drenched in oil like how you find veggies at so many other restaurants. They had a wonderful spice from the poblanos and the garlic was there but not over powering. 
Green beans
For the meal, my dad had a smaller plate of meatballs. He eats anything so he wanted to help us with our larger meal options. I didn’t try them but he seemed to enjoy them. He thought they were wonderfully spicy. The tortillas were super fresh and tasty. 
I had the Chicken Mole and my mom had the Shrimp Mole. The Chicken Mole was AMAZING. No really. Good. Personally, I think everything at Frontera Grill is over salted (I really don’t like salt) and while it was pretty salty, it wasn’t totally overpowering. I love, love, love red kuri squash. The mole was almost sweet from the squash. The beets and sweet potatoes were diced. And amazing. The chicken was really flavorful and moist. My sister had some of the mole and sweet potatoes (she doesn’t eat meat) and said the whole thing tasted like beets. So consider that if you don’t like beets. I happen to LOVE beets. 
My mom had the Shrimp in Almond Estofado. She very much enjoyed this dish. I had some of the delicata squash and almond estofado and thought it was really good. The almond gives it a nutty flavor, yet it was spicy. The delicata was cooked perfectly (trust me, I know my squash!!!!) and the shrimp were really good as well.
My sister got the Fish in Apricot Mole. The fish of the day was Mahi-Mahi. She really enjoyed this dish as well. I had a taste and the fish seemed tender and the mole was sweet from the apricot and spicy from the red chile. The spinach was really good because it soaked up the mole. 
My family also had several margaritas which they enjoyed.
All in all, a wonderful meal at Frontera Grill. I love how the menu changes so often. I am surprised by the depth of flavors in each dish I try. Yum and yum.
All I got!

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