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A Blank Expression Expresses More Than We Think

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:36am

Blank Face It occurred to me recently while walking the streets of downtown Orlando that a blank facial expression can actually express more about someone’s mindset than a face busy with varying expressions.   It becomes candidly evident when you look up at the blank faces walking past you, naturally striving ever so vigilantly to avoid eye contact.  Their face muscles are relaxed, yet their appearance is uninviting.  Even though there appears to be no obvious sign of emotion, most people respond as if there is a clear message being conveyed.   

These blank faces of expression seem to communicate a subtle warning for others to keep their distance.  Some of them also indicate that the person is enthralled in deep thought, and disturbing such thought is probably not desired.  If I needed directions and quickly glanced around a public space filled with people, I know I would feel more comfortable interrupting someone already involved in a conversation, rather than taking my chances with the seemingly cold look of a blank, expressionless passerby.  It’s fascinating how the innocuous act of carrying a blank expression actually startles the people around you. 

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