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7 Smart Ways to Stop Fearing Rejection

Posted Dec 18 2013 9:45pm

7 Smart Ways to Stop Fearing Rejection

When you’re feeling insecure, you typically don’t notice the hundreds of people around you who accept you just the way you are.  All you notice are the few who don’t.

In what way is the fear of rejection holding you back?  How would your life be different if you didn’t care whether everyone liked you and agreed with you, or not?

To answer these questions, we must understand that the vast majority of our fears and anxieties amount to one thing:  Loss.

We fear:

  • Losing our youth.
  • Losing our social status.
  • Losing our money.
  • Losing control.
  • Losing our comfort.
  • Losing our life.
  • Etc.

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We also fear, perhaps more than anything else, being rejected by others.  This kind of fear is widespread and debilitating if left unaddressed.  Why is this fear so deeply entrenched in us?  In ancient tribal times, being rejected from the safety of the community could have meant death.  So it’s no wonder, really, that (more…)

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