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7*7 *7 Magic Cube Worth Collecting and ornamental

Posted Oct 31 2011 10:12am
7 × 7 × 7 magic cube is the cube structure, you can use third-order, fourth order, fifth-order, sixth-order part of the Rubik's Cube solution to help recovery. Because the limit of the geometric, the surface of the cube become arc-shaped. Seven-stage magic cube with its unique shape and genius design, its value is collection, ornamental and practical. Thus, seven-stage cube becomes difficult to recover.  7 × 7 × 7 magic cube In fact, 7 × 7 × 7 magic cube to restore is very simple. Based on three hundred forty-five order to restore the cube method. Seven-stage cube first four centers, with forty-five cube formula to restore order, and then the remaining two faces of the center, first to fight a 3 × 3 blocks. This step can be the center of a 5-order universal formula (TR U TR'U TR U2 TR ') solution.  7 × 7 × 7 magic cube Then follow the nature of the few remaining blocks of a piece of the recovery center to that. The center even better. Then fight edge, with a formula of order 4, step 5 to do that. You can fight a piece, then use four times. It can be combined to one group. When the last of several groups of edges can be combined with a 5-order formula. TR2 B2 U2 TL U2 TR 'U2 TR U2 F2 TR F2 TL' B2 TR2 such as the edges of this formula. Situation is different, use different. Sometimes to the left and right of the Layer 3 switch with Layer 3, sometimes to the left and right two layers. If you encounter the edge of the same color fast one on a last look, then do first one of them, and you should get the point. Some cases also use this formula TL 'U2 TL' U2 F2 TL 'F2 TR U2 TR' U2 TL2 or TR2 B2 TR 'U2 TR' U2 B2 TR 'B2 TR B2 TR' B2 TR2. Another is the formula. At this step as 5 to 7 bands can order. Then combined well on the line. 7th-order cube of order 4 and 6 did not order the special circumstances, so a bit simple.  7 × 7 × 7 magic cube Seven-stage magic box number: First layer: 49. Second layer: 24. Third layer: 24 Fourth layer: 24. Fifth layer: 24. Sixth layer: 24. Seventh layer: 49. A total of 218 boxes. Vkamobi now launched VM point, which can be for purchasing goods in As long as you register you can get VM point, to buy goods in can get VM point, final way to gain VM point: Extended affricate for
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