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6 Tips For Finding Success Without Killing Yourself at Work in 2012

Posted Jan 05 2012 12:23pm

It’s a fine balance between finding success in your personal life and your work life. I’ve known plenty of people that were skewed to the side of career success while systematically ignoring their more important personal side. While you may experience success and recognition at work, your personal life leaves less to be desired. 

Maybe you’re lonely or over stressed. Maybe you neglect the health choices and hobbies that bring you the most happiness. Or maybe you spend too little time with family and friends. 

Work is part of life, whatever that work may be. It’s what you bring to society. For me, I live my work, I love what I do. It’s so much a part of who I am and what I believe that I truly can’t imagine a job I would find more gratifying. Finding a job that you’re passionate about is part of finding success because that passion is what, in the end, brings success. 

It’s those that are most able to capitalize on their skills and passions that find the most contentment in their day to day life. 

1. Learn To Find Focus

Part of the reason so many of us work late into the night is an inability to focus. While we’re working our mind is somewhere else. Our energy is spread in so many directions that not enough of it is directed at work. We’re constantly checking and rechecking work because we didn’t do it right the first time. Multi-tasking is overrated because in the end none of the things you’re trying to accomplish get done right. 

Meditation is a skill  that builds your ability to focus. Try a 10 to 15 minute meditation in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you get home. It helps you to live in the present moment and focus on the task at hand.

2. Find Happiness From Within Instead of Material Objects

When we’re overworked we tend to overspend. That’s why the more you get the more you want. We think we deserve loads of material things because we’re spending so much time at the office. But in the end this just binds us tighter to work. The bigger the mortgage, the bigger the car, the more you have to work to support it. Detach from the material objects that you hold so dear and instead establish a better relationship with yourself. It's this happiness that we cultivate from within that brings real, lasting happiness.

3. Build a Budget and Savings Plan

Make up a budget that includes mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, cell phone, grocery, eating out, travel, gas, and other. For me, "other" each month is devoted to yoga. The rest of the money should go to a savings plan and to paying off debt. 

Take out the amount of cash at the beginning of each week that you’ll need and deal in cash only. If you’d prefer to use your card, save receipts and add them up at the end of the week. 

Success comes from being free of debt with enough savings to call it quits when you’re ready. Try and avoid spending what you make and you won’t be bogged down with financial stress that takes you away from the present moment and causes constant worries.

4. Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Having a regular schedule that involves getting enough sleep is really important to success and happiness. I’m self employed, so no one schedules me except for me. While that may seem appealing, it does have its downsides. I have to adhere to my set schedule or I won’t get my work done. You don’t want to fall into a situation where you’re not getting enough sleep on the weekdays and then catching up on the weekends. 

Your schedule needs to allow for enough sleep, exercise, meditation, and downtime. I think it’s best to be in the bed by 10:00 pm and wake up by 6 am. In order to ensure that you’re not groggy in the morning, I advise that you not eat or drink anything 2 hours before bed. Here’s an example of my schedule:

Wake Up: 5:30

Morning Meditation 5:30-6:00

Work 6:00-7:00 

Meditation Walk 7:00-7:30

Yoga 7:30-9:00

Work 9:00-12:00 

Lunch 12:00-12:30

Work 12:30-5:30

Evening Meditation 5:30-5:45 

Prepare and Eat Dinner 5:45-6:30

5. Build Your Task List

I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers over at the  Renegade Health Show. Each week I write a weekly task list as well as an ongoing task list. It’s a working document that I’m constantly updating with tasks to do when I have more time. It includes blogs, articles, and books to read and goals for the future. It’s a good way to keep you constantly moving forward. 

6. Choose a Mentor 

If you’re looking to find success in 2012, find a mentor that’s already doing what you want to be doing, and see how they got where they are. It doesn’t mean copying them, because if you can’t find you, you’ll never find success by putting forth a false persona. But it still gives you an idea of the steps one takes to find success in their chosen field. It’s also good to associate with those that are doing what you’re doing. It helps you to stay motivated, get new ideas, and bounce ideas off of each other.

As you move into 2012, think about working smarter rather than working harder. That’s what the most successful people do. It’s about taking an aerial view of your life and seeing what changes need to be made for you to find a balance of career and life success in 2012.

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