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5 Oaths to Make with your Mobile phone

Posted Sep 10 2012 10:00pm

‘I dropped my toilet in the toilet’ was the sentiment I told my boyfriend after dropping my phone in the toilet. I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh because well it’s a pretty funny situation or to cry.

But surely why would I want to cry? Was I really attached to this inanimate object that honestly serves me no purpose? It doesn’t really brighten my day, it doesn’t take me out for a fun afternoon or tell me I’m beautiful. So why the feeling of loss surrounding my phone?

Easily put I am unfortunately apart of the new digital age, where everything is at our fingertips, we want constant stimulation and results. No longer can we spend a minute in our own thoughts instead we tune out and switch in. This info-graphic says it all.

                                                                                  Source: via Maddison on Pinterest


Dropping your phone in the toilet unfortunately calls for a new phone, and when I got this one I decided I needed to set some boundaries, to not have this digital sphere – which is truly great at times impeding on my life. So these are my new oaths with my phone. Starting fresh, starting new.

  1. Toilet and phone do not mix. Yes I was one of the sad few who takes their phone to the toilet because I get bored, how silly. This is my number one rule, firstly I do not want to lose another phone to the toilet and secondly, surely I should be able to last a couple of minutes in peace and quiet without my phone.
  2. Meal time is my time. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner that time is my time and who ever I am with. Obvious number one, it is far too rude and secondly I want to enjoy the food I am eating not being switched on to something that doesn’t benefit me. This means a no no to the phone even when they get up and go to the toilet or they are responding to a text, stay strong to my oaths.
  3. Before bed is sacred. Before I go to bed at night time I do not want to be wired up, this doesn’t start to relax my mind for a good nights rest. Instead I want to spend my time reading a book I enjoy and relaxing that way to help me get a great nights rest.
  4. Mornings are for setting the tone of the day. Not for waking up rolling over and checking e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog etc. It is time to relax and set yourself up for a great day. So usage of phone to a minimal in the morning instead dance out of bed – figuratively but literally is always fun too.
  5. Remember the pause. I read this great article last week about the  pause . Since then I’ve really been trying to re-create it within my own life. So before I reach for my phone I want to take a moment and pause. Think do I really want to do this? By asking yourself this you stop it being an immediate reaction to an impulse or urge and are able to regain control by pausing.

My aim for following these oaths is that I do not want to constantly be attached to my phone, it does not leave me calm, feeling present and is always a bit rude. By trying to follow these I hope I will have a much better relationship with my phone.

Did you find those facts startling or sound about right? Are you constantly hooked up to your phone? How do you find it affects your life?


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