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5 Character Traits that Make You Happy

Posted Jul 18 2012 12:02am

5 Character Traits that Make You Happy

by Ken Wert of Meant to be Happy

Character is not the only characteristic of happiness.  There are also particular ways of thinking, attitudes, fundamental beliefs and specific actions that can either detract from or add to the level of happiness we experience at any given time.  But character is still one essential component to living life at its happiest.

Who we are makes a difference.  The way we treat others matters.  The decency or indecency that fills our hearts and minds matters.  Our values as expressions of what we believe and how we live our lives really does make a difference to our happiness.  The traits we’ve developed over time is of no little consequence to how we feel about who we are.

When we look in the mirror, it’s often our character (or lack thereof) that speaks the loudest.

But not all character traits are created equal, at least not insofar as happiness is concerned.  Following, then, are those traits I’m convinced will have the greatest impact on your happiness.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
-Mark Twain

Fear is the great thief of happiness.  It is parent to surrender.  It sneaks in closed doors and robs us of resolve and the commitment and ability to endure to the end.

Courage, on the other hand, is fear’s great nemesis.  It challenges fear, pushes it back, and keeps it in check by taking steps toward its objection.  Courage thereby (more…)

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