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40 Days Of Dance: How To Change Your Life

Posted Feb 23 2012 12:00am

Step One: Decide what you want to change.
I want to improve my physical health.

Step Two: Brainstorm actions that would result in said change. 
Eat less unhealthy food.
Eat more living food.
Move more.

Step Three: Choose one action. 

Step Four: Commit to do that thing once each day for 40 days.
I will dance once each day for forty days.

Step Five: Keep your promise to yourself… no matter what.

That fifth step really is the problem, isn’t it?

There seems to be an invisible Step 4.5: Get triggered and run away.

By problem, I mean challenge or obstacle or block. I’ve always known what I wanted to change, the actions it would take to  make that change, and even the importance of the daily commitment was clear to me. It’s the keeping the promise that kicks my butt.

It almost got me again. My resistance started the very moment that I posted the commitment late on the eve of the first day. I slept poorly the whole night, dreaming about me trying to be active and the millions of reasons that I would fail. I tossed and turned and worried, my heart pounding with anxiety. It was exhausting.

Finally, the sun came up and I woke enough to realize what was happening. I felt afraid–afraid of failing, of being weak, of pain, of looking foolish, of not finishing like all of the times before. At first, I couldn’t even remember what we do when we feel like this and then it hit me… acceptance.

My EFT coach Sue Burness popped into my mind and reminded me, “Even though I feel afraid, I love and accept myself completely.” Yes, that’s it. I repeated that sentence a few times and the fear just evaporated. I still don’t understand how so much can change by saying a sentence (as opposed to actually doing EFT) but it works. I got the children off to school and used my Zumba for Wii to guide me through 20 minutes of dancing magic. It was the first time I used my Christmas present.

Day one… complete.

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