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37 Blessings!

Posted Oct 29 2010 12:01am

* Remember, you've got until 11:59pm (Pacific) to win free gifts from me. Check out the details .*

Today is my 37th birthday. I'm glad to be alive. It's easy to forget what a gift it is. Whenever my birthday rolls around, I'm always reminded by the marker of time how far I've come over the years and how many things have changed. For me, it's as much about reflection as it is about celebration ( as evidenced from my post 2 years back ).

Just think of this as the academy award acceptance speech for turning 37, completely self-indulgent, with no time limit. HA HA HA. I am so powerful!!!

These are my 37 blessings:

1) Drinking the juice from a freshly opened coconut, then scooping out the meat and delighting in every bite.

2) Hearing my cat Stella aka Lady One Toe (she has one toenail that makes a high heel like sound) stomp around the house as if she's got Army boots on, making crazy sounding "Meowrower."

3) Bright red, yellow, & orange fall leaves decorating the sidewalks.

4) The smell of vanilla.

5) People that wink at you, genuinely.

6) On the friendship note - big thanks to those who influenced me over the years and made my world go round. Special shout out to recent friends - Licia Berry who has the best laugh and offers insights that are so healing for my heart to hear. Brenda Horton for her fabulous story telling, incredible hospitality, throwing me a Goddess sleepover party, and always laughing at my jokes. And to my walking partner Katie Keenan who gets to listen to me yap every Tuesday & Thursday from 7-8am, perhaps one day we will actually try running. Shoot, now I want to list everyone and how they've made my life special. Gah! New list making for me.

7) Major shout out to my mama. Thanks for giving birth to me. You're really cool. I mean that.

8) Sweet peas right out of the pod in the summer.

9) Natural medicine. I am so so so grateful for natural medicine. I could write many books on how much I love natural medicine with countless examples of how it has made me sane and healthy. Bless the earth that creates this stuff naturally and the people that figured out how to use it.

10) Trees with wild roots and sturdy branches you can sit on.

11) Dates with me, myself, and I.

12) Lip balm.

13) The interwebz.

14) Discovering my love for speaking in front of large groups, and being on camera. Wow, what a rush. Now, that's the super excited feeling people keep talking about.

15) Warm clothes in cold weather.

16) Showers. I really love to shower.

17) Fashionable scarves. They make the outfit.

18) 1 Giant Leap connected me with the world in ways I didn't even know I longed for. Each time I watch, I feel more like myself and more invested in humanity.

19) While I'm not into my cats butt drag racing, it is funny to watch and even funnier to emulate. Just not so funny to clean up after.

20) Writing. I love to write. I love love love to write. It's like breathing for me. I always knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I learned how to write.

21) Zucchini sauteed with garlic, olive oil, and sea salt.

22) Compliments. I love getting them. I've come to accept that I rock. It's nice to have agreement on this from others.

23) Good kissing.

24) Holding hands. Sitting back to back. Foot rubs.

25) My mentors. Women I've worked with one on one over the years that have delivered just the right kind of grounded but caring bluntness that I so appreciate. One of them in particular saved my life, even though she's no longer in mine. Thank you. You know who you are.

26) Did I mention I love being on TV? I do. Did I mention that I'll be having my own TV show? Yessirree. Stay tuned. So super beyond cool exactly what I'd like to be doing with my time as of right now.

27) Digging in the dirt. Eating the fruits of my labor.

28) Though I no longer eat the following, due praise must be given to: Lasagna, croissants, pizza, crisp and light waffles, fresh baked bread with a crunchy top steaming with butter and garlic, fettucine alfredo, english muffins, crackers, enchiladas, empanadas, french fries, challah, potato latkes, cheese, cheese, and more cheese please. Oh god, quesadillas come to mama. Basically anything that involves grains, potatoes, and cheese, of which I cannot partake in, lest my body not forgive me.

29) Fun dips . Man, I loved those. Toffifay . Uno . Rocky Road . If you speak marshmallows, you're talking my language. Ah, memory lane.

30) Swimming in the Yuba river on a hot day.

31) Zumba classes.

32) Watching the sunset at the base of the mountain, edge of the ocean, in Italy's Cinque Terre .

33) Smoked paprika.

34) Incredibly tasty not enough praise for the raw foods meals I've eaten at Cafe Gratitude , Lydia's Lovin' Foods , The New Leaf , & can't say enough good things about raw cheesecake by Earth Cafe .

35) The transition time between daylight and nighttime, where the whole scene in front of me is outlined in black but still colored in enough that you can make out the details. That iridescent glow. It's like a pause between breaths.

36) Not last and definitely not least - Mr. Paul Smith aka GreenSmith who has been my best friend, dearest support, humorous entertainment, fellow adventurer, and so much more for the past 9 years. Thank you.

37) My light family and Angels, in physical and spirit form, thank you for all your support. I feel you with me always. Excitedly waving to you from the other side of the veil. Love can't be separated by anything!

Gosh, I feel like I'm just getting started. My life feels so rich after having written down all of these blessings. Now, I want to write down 37 books that have influenced me, 37 role models I look up to, 37 hikes I've enjoyed, 37 songs that have moved me. So many blessings!

What about you? What blessings have you experienced?

Let this post inspire you to write your own 37 Blessings (then link back to this so I can enjoy it).

Cheers. Off to celebrate being born. ♥

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