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19 miles = awesome!!!

Posted Aug 28 2011 2:34pm


AWESOME!!! I average 8:59 minute miles!!! I feel really happy about that.  Lets step a couple of hours back.  So last night I was really nervous for my long run day.  I get like this sometimes.  Deep down I know I will get the run done but I am just a ball of negativity the night before long runs.  I don’t know why I let myself think like that.  Ah well.  I carbo loaded with rice, canned salmon, and veggies.  Canned salmon is really good!! And I was up at 6 am. I am blessed with a stomach that can handle a lot of food before I run.  I ate a whole piece of whole wheat naan from Trader Joes, a peach and two eggs.  Oh and coffee.  So necessary.  And I was on my way.

It was soooo foggy!! For 10 miles I couldn’t see in front of me! Actually made it sorta fun. 

And my Pandora App started giving me attitude.  SO I ran without music for 10 miles.  Turns out I don’t need music to run!!! This was an awesome development.  I totally was convinced I NEEDED music.  I actually thought about going home and getting an old iPod.  But I actually enjoyed it!!! Plus I think it really helped me get through the last six miles when the music did start working again.

And how did I feel??  Really good.  My foot is a little sore but I’ll ice it and it should be okay.  I think it helped that I had two Gu packets instead of one.  I had one at miles 8 and mile 14.  All and all I am so thrilled with this run.  I had a positive attitude, I felt strong, and I was happy.  It couldn’t have been any better.

How was everyone’s weekend?  How is Irene?  Ann and Matt were on the Today Show on a Sunday.  They do NOT work Sundays so I know it must be serious : )


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