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14th February.2013

Posted May 20 2010 3:06pm
That is exactly 1001 days from today. Cute!

Now obviously I have got this thing about 1001 actions, so it was no big step to go to 1001 days next.

WoW, what could I do/have achieved in 1001 days? Apart from making and giving G his Valentine's present of course :)

So I wanted to work out what the date would be 1001 days from today. 'Shiver my timbers' it is Valentines Day 2013. Complete coincidence but way cool because it is a memorable date.

and I should have a list to go with it I guess.......... and that is scary because I have not done any long term goal setting for some time. After the mind blowing success of the last one (about 14 years ago, setting a 10 year goal which I smashed and am still living the dream) I am worried that nothing can match what I have achieved already. But here goes the start of a 101 things to do list
1. We walk out of our house and go WoW every day (we kind of do that already going into our garden, but there could be more)
2. I have earned £ 500.000 in a year
3. I volunteer 300 hours
4. I spend a night in the dessert again
5. I do something special for my 50th birthday
6. I can do some impressive yoga moves (will want a video as evidence)
7. I hold a casual french conversation on holiday
8. I play the piano beautifully to entertain (not bore) our party guests
9. We grow more of our own veg every year
10. I am grateful for every one of the 1001 days
11. I easily hit my dream weight of 62 kg and stay there
12. I have my own photo shoot
13. We have brilliant fun at the rubber ball or similar
14. I let my hair down
15. I have an exhibition with my sardine cans (commenting on current affairs of course)
16. I read 300 books
17. I write an business/personal development article every day for a whole year
18. I paint one 150 canvases
19. Publish one book
20. Write five free e-courses
21. Straighten my teeth
22. Have been member of two design teams
23. Be a published artist
24. Have an open fireplace somewhere
25. Sold 500 handmade 'diaries' (using the term loosely)
26. Teleseminar leader course has sold in 20 languages
27. Trained the puppies to be sniffer dogs
ermmm... .. there will be more
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