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12 miles

Posted Sep 04 2011 8:11pm

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful labor day weekend full of anything other than labor!!  Been pretty quiet over here.  I ran 12 miles today averaging 8:40 minute miles.  It was kinda a tough one…totally mental though! 19 felt easier! WHY IS THAT??  In other news but related news, my foot hurts.  I hope I didn’t push too hard with the new shoes.  Bad news bears.  I’m just trying to stay calm and ice it.  The pain (soreness? ache?) is in the upper arch on the inside of my right foot.  Same pain I’ve had in a while but it is more sore.  I also got new arch supports last week.  Just STAY calm!!!

I don’t really have much to report.  Spent the afternoon in the park with a friend.  It was nice.  In a bit I’m going to play bar trivia.  I’m babbling.  Oh and I LOVE watching tennis (US open) and it has been on every moment I’ve been home this weekend (which actually isn’t much) and makes for great background noise for getting work done!

What are YOU doing?


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