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108 days till 44

Posted May 26 2010 2:49am
108 days until I turn 44. People in my life who know me will think this is all about counting down until I get presents.. normally this would be the case... but this year it is not (Well, maybe a little..). The number 44 has alot of important significance behind it. In numerology, 4 denotes a sense of perfect balance and harmony (4 corners of the world) Happiness is dependent on balance in all areas of physical and emotional life. The sum of 4 + 4 = 8. 8 is the symbol of infinity and abundance in all areas ~ desiring and receiving the best life has to offer.
44 is the master number. Unlimited potential, balance and bridge between physical and spiritual.
I have decided that I want to dedicate the time from now till then to getting in prefect balance and harmony in my life. I want to reach 44 in a space that I can then grow from in the direction of my desires. I desire to receive the best life has to offer and to be able to fully appreciate this space. I have wasted much time ruminating over and over on silly things. I dedicate the next 108 days to letting go of that! I was going to wait until June 2nd which would be 100 days, but then remembered there is so much significance to the number 108 in Indian culture(to much to get into here) that I figured this is a perfect starting point!
SO my goals for next 108 days..
*keep my meditation going strong
*yoga 6 days a week.. at least 5 sunsalutes if that is all i have time for
*Read 1 book per week.
*commit to doing all that feels GOOD. No more gossip, doesn’t feel good.. hurts me and the one spoken of, no more negative thoughts.. makes me feel worse. No over indulgence of alcohol,, wastes the next day.. no more junk food.. zaps my energy.
*commit to next 108 days of CLEAN eating. Only whole foods, anything processed must have 5 or less ingredients. LOTS of salads...
*stop and ask self randomly “is this thought empowering or disempowering me?” If it is the later, let it GO.. choose a higher thought.
I hope this won’t bore you, but I am going to use this forum as a way to hold myself accountable. I will post daily to let you know how I am doing. I will also keep a running log of what I eat. I hope you will all respond in ways to make me think, dig deeper and reach my goals!! I am going to need all the help I can get so please stay tuned!!!
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