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102 and counting down....

Posted Jun 01 2010 2:45am
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend! It was wonderful here.. the weather amazingly perfect! My girls had a sleepover with 2 other girls. Decided they were going to sleep on the trampoline! They tried it a year ago but only lasted 20 min. So my boyfriend bet them each 5$ they couldn’t do it. Well, I don’t know if any of you remember being money hungry at that age, but that was all they needed to hear! I came down at 5:30 to them chatting out side.. they made it!!! It had even started to rain at one point so they had to pull a tarp over themselves. To funny. They were quite proud.. (and quite exhausted from ZERO sleep:)
I did well as far as eating and drinking. Really had no desire to over indulge so it was great. Had a beer, maybe 2 each day, but was content stopping there. Took 5 mile walks daily and ate really healthily. YAH! Still feeling super frustrated on the weight front. I just don’t get it and honestly don’t think its fair that someone can work so hard at being good and yet have the scale remain the same if not go up!!
I honestly don’t have the time or energy to add more to my workouts and with being hungry all the time, can’t make any better choices than I do. I sometimes wish I lived in the victorian era where it was “cool” to be voluptuous or as my boyfriend said to me one, “squishy” (in an endearing way no less!!!) surprisingly we are still together...
One part of me honestly is ready to give up the whole battle of the bulge. Another part fears if I do ,, I will end up growing bigger and bigger EEK!!!
Two more days to the 100 mark.. does anyone have any advice about this topic that weighs HEAVILY (no pun here) on my mind??

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